Our Family

Meet my family!

I've been married a handful of years to an amazing man; and we currently live in the state of Indiana. God has blessed our family. We've been living happily together with our daughter and furbabies - and oh, boy do we have a handful! We currently have 4 dogs and 2 cats (you can see them all below). Our daughter was adopted from China; and we brought home our baby girl on April 2013 when she was only 17 months old! We love to walk the dogs together, go out together whether it be shopping, the museum, or the park, or just being goofy and silly together at home. But the best moments are when we (family, furbabies, and all) are curled up together watching TV.

About Me

I'm the head in the clouds type. I love being creative. I'm always fiddling and obsessing with some project or other. I love to travel, (which I get from being an ARMY brat and growing up "everywhere") when there's time and money. I also love animals. Now and then, we rescue abused animals and rehabilitate them to go back out in the world and find their forever home. I have many passions. My main hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, movies, event planning, community theater - pretty much anything creative.

About my husband

He's known as Dr. Dolittle. Animals just flock to him. He seems to know how to do anything... from being an electrician, plumber, roofer, horse whisperer, tiling, deck building, bull rider, D.J., llama world champion shower, soccer player, gourmet chef, the list goes on and on. I tell anyone that he can do anything except ballet! He's lived many lives in a short period of time. He's a giver... always helping anyone in need, whether it be human or animal. He has a beautiful gift with children and animals. They all just naturally gravitate towards him. He can be so silly and very competitive. He keeps me grounded. He loves sports, theater, movies, animals, DIY projects, and for some reason... me.  

The day we met our daughter!
About our adoption

In the late spring of 2011, we began discussing adoption. When we first dated we always said, if we decided to go down the road of having children, adoption would be our first choice, China in particular.  

Well, after the birth of our Godchild, we wanted to do so many things with her. But we found out that the things we wanted were not Godparent roles, but parent roles. So, we discussed adoption and being parents. We looked into several things to see if this was the right path for us. Somehow, each obstacle that we said would detour us from pursuing, we made reasons to go ahead anyway. Once we found out we were making this adoption happen rather than not happen, we finally knew we truly wanted to adopt. From then on, we plunged in working on adopting a little girl from China. 

And that's how this blog was born. A documentation of our journey. Click on Adoption Process to see how our journey went or read our blog about all the steps in-between.

We adopted a girl who I have had named since grade school: Ashton Kendall. She has many sisters and brothers (our furbabies) who will keep her entertained and busy! Life has been a rollercoaster since she stepped into our lives!

Meet Ashton

Ashton is perfect to us, like she was made for our family! God placed our dreams in our laps! I can't explain how much on so many levels that she is perfect for our family. Some of it is how she was raised, but some of it is just her personality. She's all our hopes and dreams come true. You can read about how we were matched, the day we saw her face for the first time!

Her Chinese name is Dang Shi Qing. It's pronounced Dong Shur Cheeng.

What I can share about her is that her birthday is October 23, 2011. She was brought to her SWI (orphanage/social welfare institute) on January 11th. She resided at the Sanmenxia Social Welfare Institute in the Henan Provence.  
Now from my limited knowledge, children's names and where they come from are typically a mystery. (I mean everyone knows the SWI gives it to the child, but why is typically unknown.) You are usually just given their name on their profile you are given; and you Google their Chinese character's meaning and that's it. From there, you imagine why they were given the names that they were by their SWI.  

For us it was different. I got to learn immediately from her profile that she wasn't just given her name thoughtlessly. It was chosen with the utmost care. It makes me so warm and thankful that she was loved from the start and given a special name.

In her file, it says, "Where Shi Qing's name comes from: Because she is an extremely pretty little girl, we hope that her future life is beautiful and picturesque.  We also hope that her future is a road of sunshine without wind or rain.  Therefore, we gave her the beautiful name of Shi Qing. Shi (words referring to poetry, poem) and Qing (fine or clear weather)." That file that explained her Chinese name moved us so much I added it as a second middle name (as I wasn't planning on keeping it). So, her name is Ashton Kendall ShiQing! Ashton is a beautiful southern name. I've loved that name, it seems forever, and Kendall fits so well with it. And since I've loved that name for a daughter since grade school I couldn't imagine my girl with any other name!
In her profile, she was described as a "smart little girl", "her hands are extremely nimble and she likes to hold onto things", "she will sometimes be like a little princess and get upset and when you walk to her and don't hold her she will cry very heartily, but if you do hold her she will smile and be very pleased".  She "can stand when supporting herself", "sit on her own", "crawl", "make ma ma and ba ba sounds", "knows her name", and "claps hands with the nannies". She "isn't a picky eater", "has a ready smile", is "quiet", but can be a "crier" when sleep time and likes to "sleep with the covers over her head".

Other than the covers part, this does sound just like her, even now. And as most parents think their toddlers are brilliant, I too think she's smart. She examines everything, takes a moment to take it all in. After her assessment she then goes for what she wants; and if it doesn't work out she tries something different. She learns from watching then doing. She wants to do everything on her own, without help. She is sassy, spirited, independent,  performer, happy-go-lucky, tease, mimic, and all around silly girl! She amazes me constantly. She learns everyday and is growing up, already, so fast! But I praise God for this amazing girl inside and out!

She's very petite, but doesn't let that stop her. She's fearless at times and loves everyone she meets, though she is very shy at first. She loves to listen and dance to music. In fact she's obsessed with the violin! So much so, she is taking lessons, the Suzuki method! She even sings whole songs all the time. She loves water and loves to climb stairs... up and down forever. She even loves to go hiking! She's been to the Rockies and Chimney Rock! Slides are another favorite. You get stairs to a slide that goes into a fountain and it'd be a hit! 

Her constant companion is that of her tauntaun toy. What's a tauntaun? It's a species from a snowy planet called Hoth from the movie "Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back". They are ridden like horses, but don't look a thing like them. Think more of a kangaroo, ram, and llama all wrapped into one. She has a couple of tauntaun toys, but the smallest goes everywhere with her. She loves him because, "He's so cute!" - obviously.

Her favorite animal (that isn't imaginary, like a tauntaun) is a fox. She loves foxes of all kinds - red, arctic, fennec, doesn't matter. She's never met a fox that she didn't love. She's obsessed! And yes, it all started with that song "What Does the Fox Say?" and her love affair began. She's also obsessed with cleaning. 

She loves to vacuum, to mop, to clean the tables, to pick up things from the floor, and is forever trying to help unload the dishwasher. She is polite and has a passion for puzzles, coloring books, bubbles, blocks, anything with wheels to push, and games. She loves to go fast and is always trying to find the fastest sneakers or how to get her scooter or bike to go faster (while doing tricks on them). She loves helping with DIY projects and has her own tool kit. She's not into dolls so much, but does have a collection of stuffed animals. Her favorite movies are "The Croods", "Hotel for Dogs", and "Hotel Transylvania 2".

She loves our furbabies as much as we do; and she's so gentle with them. We are so proud of how well she cares and loves them. And we are amazed at how much she adores us! She gives hugs and kisses so freely. She doesn't like to be alone and is hungry all the time! The girl eats like a horse! She hates going to bed and sitting still in one place. The girl wants to move constantly. We can't wait to see the girl she is growing up to be.

Meet Peyton

Peyton is always impressed with life. Everything is fresh and new. She loves everyone and life is good. She is always happy and loves to paw everything from my mouse on the computer to her shadow. If you scold her she brightens up excited that you are saying her name. She doesn't know shame. Peyton stretches open her paw and paws everything. She's a very tactile cat. Drives Ashton crazy as she's always leaving things around the house and they go missing - Peyton played with it. At least once a week we find a toy in her water bowl! Every day is like a new discovery of the same things. It's like she doesn't remember that she played with it yesterday. She looks curious as if seeing it all with new eyes. She is a softy, the softest cat I've ever known. She loves to snuggle and she loves to bathe the dogs. She bathes any animal that will allow her to bathe them. She'll do it for hours! Peyton even used to hold Arwen down to bathe her! She even doesn't mind being held for awhile. But she prefers to lay next to you. But her favorite place of all is with Ashton in her bedroom. She loves to go to sleep with her every night. She has the biggest heart. She's an amazing cat. I know none like her.

Meet Drusilla

Drusilla is the alpha animal. She is over cats and dogs. Kiara, the pekingese, is a close second. Drusilla gets her own way. She is bipolar. She can be sweet and loving or down right evil. Therefore, she was named after the vampire character: Drusilla. She can be sweet and hang with the whole family. Then she can be cruel and would scare Peyton or Arwen by hiding behind a corner and jumping out at them. She'll even smack the back of the heads of our dogs to get them to step back from the water bowl when she's thirsty. Then she walks up to the bowl and drinks from her paw like she's a dainty lady. And dainty she's not! She is very plump. Dru's weird quirks are she loves boxes. She hops into anything, even if it's too small for her round body! Then she pops out and hits any of the animals that come walking by. She loves it! She's a Jack in the box! She loves ear scratches and loves to lay on the arms of couches. Her favorite thing is when I'm drying my hair. That's code for she can get uninterrupted pettings (as the other animals are scared of the noise). She's a devilish character.

Meet Kiara

Kiara is a full out tomboy! She is brazen and full of herself. She is the leader of the pack. If you heard of Lon Chaney, the man of a thousand faces. This is Kiara, the Peke of a thousand voices. She has many sounds, not just barks. She’s amazing! She is named from the “Lion King 2”. Kiara is Simba’s (the Lion King) daughter. And she lives up to the name, queen of the jungle. She barks, howls or ruffs for what she wants. Kiara always tells you what she wants. She barks for fresh water or to go out or to play. Very vocal... but not annoying constant barking. More a talking directly when wanting something type of vocal. And she always knows what she wants. She also has this twinkle in her eye, like she's up for anything. Ready to play or pounce. Energy just oozes from her pours. But she has slowed down a bit in her senior years. She walks quickly rather than run like she used to. She’s very smart. I think she thinks she’s speaking our language, but it comes in weird sounds. She even looks a bit lion like, very proud and independent spirit. She loves to play rough and she too is a food hog. Dawson and she would steal each other’s treats. They love them! When she was younger she would greet you by running around you in circles forever. You have to catch her and hug her one moment then she squirms out and runs more. She isn't the cuddling type (unless under the weather), but very loyal. She's our Kiki and she loves to be outside unlike all the other pups. She can hang out there for hours.

Meet Amadeus

This little boy is a sweetheart and my constant companion. However, I call him "little man". He loves to give kisses and loves to be held. He treats everyone like a long lost friend. His nickname is Casanova because of his love of the ladies. But he runs and dances all around. He speckles look like moving music, like notes in movement. Thus, his name Amadeus. He crosses his paws all the time when he's laying down. It's like he's a little gentleman. He doesn't like being alone and follows you anywhere. Whenever we're sitting he wants to be in your lap or messing with whatever you're doing. He's also taken a strong affection to Skylar. He is always laying on her and snuggling with her. She just ignores him. It's like a forbidden crush. It's very cute. I always think of Pepi La Pew. He has a toy fox, which we call foxy that he likes to play tug of war with you. He's very protective of his food and of his mama. He is a little bundle of energy! In August 2013, we found out Ami was fighting small cell lymphoma. The cancer made his neck swell so he can't wear a collar anymore. But that was the only change. After a 2 year battle, he beat the cancer and it is in remission. They gave him months to 2 years tops, and he's beat the odds. He is still full of life and happiness. I have learned to savor my time with this blessing as I never thought we'd get here. He's my companion and baby. He's the best snuggler and loves to give kisses. Though tiny, I couldn't imagine life without him.

Meet Khaleesi

We named her Khaleesi from "Game of Thrones". Her name means Queen. Ashton now has a fur sister that she can really play hard with! She was born on race day and was the runt of her litter. The last of 10 puppies! She is so small compare to her siblings. They grew up to a typical weight around 60 pounds. She maxed out at 37 pounds! She's from the "mellow" litter. They are all like their Daddy, a marshmallow. However, she looks just like her Mama. Both parents are champions. She is very laid back for a dalmatian, loves to snuggle and be held. She moans anytime you adjust or move her in your lap. She's definitely flipped our lives upside down. She can be a ball of energy, but she is sweet and good-natured and loves all the fur siblings, and especially Ashton. These two have a great bond. Ashton will "steal" her toys and Khaleesi with tug and pull the toy with Ashton in tow sliding across the room. You'll hear Ashton giggle with delight. Ashton will also "hide" Khaleesi's toys under her body and Khaleesi will "dig" to get it out from the hiding place. Again, lots of giggling. They play every day. She's a doll and keeps life on it's toes. She loves to romp, fetch, walk, and play tug. There's a lot to look forward to with this girl!

Meet Kaida

My husband named her Kaida, as it means "little dragon" in Japanese and she is a firecracker! And I do believe she thinks she can fly just like a dragon also! She can jump up on the bed and couch, no problem and she is only about 3 pounds! Our 4 pound Chihuahua, Amadeus, can't even do that! She is quick, food driven, and fearless. She loves to cuddle and play. She's the best of both worlds. She is independent, but will follow you like a lost puppy as she doesn't want to be alone. But don't let that fool you, she's a complete Daddy's girl. And boy, is she smart. The day she came home, she learned to sit! Like I said, food driven. She's a little piglet. She's doing great and we're so glad she's enriched our lives. She's amazing. And she looks a lot like her mother, who was also a tri. But what's interesting is her maternal grandfather is from Amadeus' line. They're related - like distant cousins or something! She and Khaleesi love to give each other kisses and play tug of war, which is interesting between a 35 pound dalmatian and 3 pound chi. But somehow it works. But Kaida will need some intervention as she's a thief. What's also funny is Kaida loves to steal Khaleesi's big toys and get them through the dog gate and chew on them just out o Khaleesi's reach. Kaida will also steal lots of Ashton's possessions. She'll jump up on her bed and typically grab Butterfly (her plush bat) and bring him in our room almost every morning. But my favorite time is when the both Kaida and Amadeaus snuggle together. Kaida loves blankets so will bury herself under them if your there, not caring where Ami is and lay on him for her "perfect" spot. She's so amusing and it's never a dull moment with her around.

Meet Brenley


Brenley is the sweetest pup! She's about 6 months younger than Kaida, but bigger by a couple pounds. And for our tiny chis, that's pretty noticeable. But she's just a marshmallow. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She likes to play, but not as much as cuddle time. She's so quiet and tolerant. She's the only dog that Ashton can hold in her arms without protest and for a good length of time. We haven't had her long, but she's weaseled her way into our hearts. She loves Cheerios, and will lay down rather than sit on command - we're working on that one! She so far is a Mama's girl, which is a first. Usually the boy pups are attached to Mama and the girls to Daddy. So this is very appreciated and a delightful surprise. She does have a soft spot for Ashton too. Her tail is almost constantly wagging. She seems always happy. Her ears go back most of the time too. She's always wagging her tail and her ears back coming to you to be held. Her name came from trying to find a name like 'Teddy Bear' as she is so cuddly, affectionate, and sweet. So we looked for a name that had that quality and Brenley came out of the blue and stuck out from the long list of names that didn't quite fit. She follows us all around, she still is learning the stairs. It's so funny. Amadeus and Kaida who are smaller can run up and down. Bren can go up, but can't come down. She whimpers and begs to be carried down. Hopefully, that will change soon. Unlike the other 2 chis, she seems to have a double coat, so she heats up faster than the other two and is more prone to pant. So seeing her tongue out smile is such another endearing quality. She seems to have some of the best traits of furbabies that have passed. She has Arwen's soulful eyes and no bark attitude. She has Skylar's marshmallow demeanor. She has Dawon's lost puppy I'll follow you everywhere attitude. She is so loved and will be definitely be babied, as she is the baby of the pack!

Furbabies that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge


Remembering Skylar

(June 3, 2001 - September 12, 2016)

Skylar reunited over the rainbow bridge with her partner in crime, Dawson, in September.

Back in 2001, my Mom was looking for a dog. She wanted a Tibetan Spaniel. She knew of a breeder who had 2 litters born on the same day. One litter was a black and white parti litter. The other was a tan/red parti litter. I tagged along with my Mom when she was looking at these Tibbies. 2 dogs stood out to me, a black and white dog who became my Dawson, and a blue eyed girl. What was really amazing was she didn't bark, she MEOWED!! I adored her sweet disposition. However, she was already claimed by someone in Canada. I got Dawson and Mom got Kai-Li. I would ask the breeder about the blue eyed girl anytime she called to check in on how our puppies were transitioning. Well, to make a long story shorter, 9/11 happened and Skylar couldn't go to Canada. So she became available again. My mother knew that my dog Tai-Pan wouldn’t be around forever. He was getting old. She also knew Dawson needed a companion. Also a dog that could run like Daws could. (Tai was on wheels, he couldn’t run like he used to). So I got an early Christmas gift: Skylar! She was the sister dog to Mom’s dog, Kai-Li. (What's cute was Dawson and Skylar are both the runts of their litters! And they both have the same birthday too! June 3, 2001.) Skylar was the perfect fit for Dawson. She gets along better with Dawson than she does with her own litter mate sister, Kai-Li! It was a match made in heaven.

Named Skylar, because of her sky blue eyes. She meowed and cried like a cat. She loved cats too. Maybe she thought she was one. Also, Tibetan Spaniels should have brown eyes. She had blue, a huge fault in the breed. However, I saw them as Bette Davis eyes. She just gave you this incredible look. Sky was laid back and quiet. She loved belly rubs. Food is not the world for her. It was hard to motivate her with anything but praise or a belly rub. She loved to make you happy. When she was younger, she and Dawson would chase each other around sometimes. When she played she waited and joined only on the winning side. She watched Kiara, Dawson, Ami and Arwen play. Once she saw someone starting to go down, she joined the winning side and helped them. (She wasn't not into hard work, the easiest route is best). She was very mellow and became more so in her senior years. She was perfectly happy lounging. She only got into trouble only because she followed it. Dawson just had a nose for trouble and she was his shadow. But you could just give her a look and she lowered her head. Dawson you could scold, shame, and he still had his silly grin on his face. She was also so polite. She would ask if she can jump on the couch first. Dawson just jumped up and plopped down. Skylar looked at you and you have to tell her it's okay then she jumped up happily and cuddled with you. She was such the lady. Skylar was the most gentle, quiet, and soft dog I knew. She was an absolute doll baby.

Remembering Dawson
(June 3, 2001 - June 11, 2016)

He was one of two boys in a huge household of girl pets! Dawson crossed the rainbow bridge in June 2016. 

Back in 2001, I only had one dog in my life and that was my then senior-aged, Pekingese, Tai-Pan. I didn’t want another dog. My Mom did. She wanted a Tibetan Spaniel. She knew of a breeder who had 2 litters born on the same day. One litter was a black and white parti litter. The other was a tan/red parti litter. I was with Mom when she was looking at these Tibbies. I couldn’t help but notice this black masked boy from the black/white litter. He followed me everywhere. He was the only boy in his litter and all his sisters picked on him. (He still got picked on at home by his fur sisters.)  I thought he was adorable. I loved his little mask. But I wasn't looking to get a dog. I already had the perfect one, Tai-Pan. So I told my Mom that she had to buy him. I wanted her to have him because he melted my heart. So did a blue-eyed girl, from the tan/red litter, (this being my future Skylar) that meowed instead of barked, but she was already spoken for, at the time. Anyhow, my mom chose Kai-Li, a red parti girl that was the “leader of the pack”. We visited often as they grew up at the breeder's and the breeder knew how much I adored this black masked boy. I would have him come out to play with me, the blue-eyed girl too, when Mom had Kai-Li visits. The breeder noticed the boy was very short on leg, therefore not show potential. She told me if I wanted him I could have him for pet price instead of show price. I told her Tai was all I needed. However, Mom told me that Tai wouldn't last much longer and with him in a doggie wheelchair, this dog’s company may perk him up more since I was working more to pay for his wheels, meds, check ups, etc...  I said then it would be Tai-Pan's decision. I asked the breeder if I could do a trial weekend. Because I didn't want to say yes, if Tai rejected him. The breeder loves her dogs and only wants good homes, so she said yes. I took him home to meet Tai-Pan for the trial weekend. On the ride home I had him in my lap and he whined and whined. I finally held him, but he continued to whine. So I had my Mom stop the car and I tried to see if he had to go to the bathroom. Nope, so the drive continued on, as well as his whining. I finally got him to stop whining by holding him one-handed, in the air, over my head. He's such a big baby. At home I introduced the two dogs and both their tails wagged crazy! So Dawson stayed.

He was most like Tai-Pan, God rest his soul. I think Tai had a lot of influence on him since it was just the two of them for a few months. Dawson loved to lick Tai-Pan's ears, and when Tai had enough he would bark for me to take Dawson away. When Tai-Pan would bark, Dawson would raise his little paw and put it on Tai's mouth trying to shut him up. It was very funny to watch. He's what I liked to call my big baby! Dawson was such a Mama’s boy. He was happy go lucky and loved attention. He was always on the look out for fun or food. He got jealous easily and babied everyone. He bathed all the dog’s ears constantly. Arwen's ears got so wet they folded back. He got picked on by the pets too. It’s like he was an easy target. He’d play then get chased until he tucked his tail between his legs and came running to me. He was very intuitive and knew when you wanted company. He loved to cuddle all the time. When he saw treats he tries to do all the tricks he knows all at once. He got so excited he tripped over himself trying every trick until he heard the one I wanted. He loved Skylar. She was his best friend. They were usually joined at the hip. Dawson had a nose for trouble. Skylar doesn't, but she'd follow him in it. Dawson was always looking at the lawn that is greener. He loved what he didn't have. Now and then he'd be created as he'd go through the garbage or the laundry when I wasn't home. But he learned to bang on the door until it loosened and would get out. I had to added a clamp to the door (a dog leash clip)at the top of the cage to hold the door to the bars. Well, after years of that method, I came home one day to him resting comfy in the bathtub! Dawson simply banged on the cage door and pushed his way through the bottom of the opening while the top was still "shut". He squeezed his way through the little give at the bottom of the door. So we learned to clamp the middle of the door to the bars to prevent that from happening again. But he was the dearest boy. Kissed everyone he saw. Dawson was very loyal. But man, did he have no sense for the other pets. If he wanted on your lap, he'd lay across any pet who was there. It was like he didn't see them, or felt them for that matter! And it was a death wish if food was around, he plowed over any animal to get food. He always meant well, but just walked over anyone as if they weren't there. He was the clown in the family. His easy grin carefree spirit was what made him wonderful.

Remembering Arwen
(March 17, 2005 - March 5, 2016)

This blessed girl has became a tiny angel in March. She passed just shy of her 11th birthday. 

Back in early 2005, my boyfriend's sister brought a Chihuahua over to meet the gang (my 3 dogs Dawson, Skylar, and Kiara). And they loved him. They love all dogs, but I was so impressed with this little guy. He wasn't scared and he played with them so well. I always wanted him over. Before I had only seen mean Chihuahuas, so I never cared for them. Yet he stole my heart. I decided to research the breed and see if I had what it took to care for these Chis. I quickly found I liked appleheads. I also wanted very tiny. I wanted the spotted, rare kind  - a merle. Well, I found out breeders want a fortune for tiny, and basically a mortgage payment on top of that for merle. So I settled for tiny. I eventually found Arwen. I saw photos of Blue Velvet (breeder's name for Arwen). I fell in love. Blue Velvet was born on St. Patrick's Day. She was the only survivor in her litter. She was lucky to be alive. She was very small. I had to wait a while until she was big enough to leave the breeder's since she was so small. The breeder wasn't expecting such a small puppy. She was the smallest she ever had. So Blue Velvet was extra special. I got to watch her grow up through photos and stories and video emailed to me. I mailed her toys to play with. After a few more weeks I finally got her and it was love at first site for the both of us.

She hardly barked at all unless playing. Then she's barked really loudly. It was an impressive bark for such a small dog. However, overall she was a very quiet dog. She and Kiara were best of friends. Kiara is very careful with her and when Arwen touches her, Kiara falls over as if he were hit by full force. She pretended that Arwen tackled her to the ground. Kiara is never this way with Amadeus, just Arwen. Arwen was very smart. Arwen is named from "Lord of the Rings". She was the princess elf. And boy did she think she was royalty. Such a dainty little personality. She loved to be carried and snuggling in blankets. She was a toy hoarder. She loved rawhides, balls, and stuffed squeaky toys. She had a favorite toy of the moment. Sometimes I think she had A.D.D. because she'd play with one toy then another 2 seconds later. She could play with 10 toys in 1 minute! Kiara and Amadeus loved to steal them from under her and they will play tug of war a lot. She loves to romp and play. She loved balls best. She also was a Daddy's girl. She wanted him for everything. And she had him wrapped around her little tail. If I said "kisses", she kissed you. (All my dogs do that actually.) But her kisses aren't slobbery since she was so tiny. Arwen was very tiny, but had a huge heart. She is very sorely missed.

Remembering Fancy
(1998 - October 21, 2015)

She was the eldest by far! She passed late October 2015, shy of 27 years roughly. Fancy was found in a box, sometime in the year 1998, next to a store downtown. The person who found her called my husband (I didn't know him at the time) and asked if anyone would take her and/or her littermates which were full grown. He took her in as she was the last one available. Her tag around her neck said "fancy", thus the name. He had Fancy for short while, when his nephew fell in love with her. So, Fancy stayed with his sister's son. About ten years later my husband's sister asked us to babysit Fancy for two weeks in November of 2007. She never picked Fancy up, therefore she became part of our family.

Fancy and Peyton were best of friends. They tussled and played a lot. For an elderly cat, you'd never know.  She had quite the energy. Only the last six months of her life did she slow down and stop jumping.  Fancy was a lap kitty. She would remain there at all times if she could. The purring from Fancy was loud and on all the time. She was a very happy kitty. She would even meow i the middle of the night to wake us up, just to be sure we were still "around". She loved to be with people.

She was just fine until the last day of her life. When we came home from work, she could no longer stand or walk. We think she may have had a stroke. We held her and petted her and she purred content, then just slipped away. She purred until her last breath. She was a beautiful soul.

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