China Adoption Trip

Our China adoption trip will be posted on the regular blog, but I thought for those who want a "short cut" as time goes on and for easy access, it will go here too.  I also added other important milestones.  If you want to know more about our family first, see our family page.

Ashton was born in Sanmenxia, Henan, PR China on 10/23/11.

We got her referral on 12/20/13.  She was 13 months old.
Gotcha Day was 4/8/13.  She was 17 months old.

Sunday, 10/23/11 - Ashton is born
Thursday, 12/20/12 - Referral Day
Monday, 12/31/12 - LOA

Wednesday, 4/3/13 - Leave for Beijing

Thursday, 4/4/13 - Arrive in Beijing
                             Check in Central Plaza Hotel

Friday, 4/5/13 - Tour Beijing
                         - Hutong Tour
                         - Tienanmen Square
                         - Forbidden City

Saturday, 4/6/13 - Tour Beijing
                             - Great Wall

Sunday, 4/7/13 - Depart Beijing for Zhengzhou, Henan
                           Check in Crowne Plaza Hotel

Monday, 4/8/13 - GOTCHA DAY!!! 
                           (Yang Na will deliver her to us)
                           - Sign guardianship agreement
                           - Take registration certificate photos
                           - Prepare registration paperwork

Tuesday, 4/9/13 - Adoption Registration
                            Notary Interview

Wednesday, 4/10/13 - Visit Sanmenxia (by train):
                                   Apply for passport at Public Security Office

Thursday, 4/11/13 - Receive Notary Documents

Friday, 4/12/13 - Receive passport

Saturday, 4/13/13 - Zhengzhou Museum

Sunday, 4/14/13 - Leave Zhengzhou for Guangzhou
                             Check in to China Hotel
                             Prepare for Consulate Appointment

Monday, 4/15/13 - Child's Physical
                             Visa Photo

Tuesday, 4/16/13 - Buddhist Blessing

Wednesday, 4/17/13 - Consulate Appointment

Thursday, 4/18/13 - Receive Visa Packet
                               Safari Park

Friday, 4/19/13 - Leave Guangzhou for Hong Kong
                           Check into Disney Hollywood
                           Tour Hong Kong Disney

Saturday, 4/20/13 - Leave for Indianapolis
                               Arrive home!

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