Sunday, October 1, 2017

Little Mermaid Party

This morning Ashton was as excited as yesterday, because -  no, she wasn't going to the pumpkin patch again. Today, she's off to see Miss R for her birthday! What a crazy packed weekend we have!

She started off "wearing" my heels for breakfast. No reason, they were just there not put away from the night before. Shame on me. But jackpot of Ashton's antics. 

We got ready for the party and Ashton wanted to bring Rey, her American Girl doll, because she knew Miss R loved American Girl. She and Rey looked so cute and matchy together.

We drove up and Ashton' spent a little time playing with Miss J. (Miss R's little sister). Ashton gets along with both Miss R and Miss J well.

The weather was perfect. It was rather breezy, but couldn't ask for a better day.

They went on a scavenger hunt looking for dinglehoppers, shells, and necklaces.

Then there was the potato sack race.

Ashton had lots of fun! But of course her "natural grace" always comes out.

The pinata, was a favorite, because of the candy! 

Ashton ended up eating 2 cupcakes! Not just the icing. I was proud of her. The girls played for a good hour after the party at the playground. Everyone had a good time.

It's crazy to think this girl will have a party of her own and be 6 years old in 3 weeks! Yikes!! She's growing up so quickly!

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