Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Water Fountain Incident

I got a call from the school today to come pick up my daughter. Seems during aftercare someone pushed my daughter into the water fountain and scraped her eye. I rushed to get her. She was isolated from all the students sitting at the front reception desk drawing. She was very happy to see me.

I was not happy, this was too close to her eye. My husband and I have a parent/teacher conference on Thursday and afterwards we will be discussing this with the principal about her safety, if she's being bullied or if this was an isolated incident.

Since this didn't happen during kindergarten and only during aftercare, I wasn't too concerned about her Kindergarten class, but her teacher said she'd keep a closer eye on her just in case. And the principal emailed me letting me know that she was going to investigate before our meeting.

We went home and just used water and a q-tip to try and clean it up. Ashton wanted to do it herself as she kept closing her eye when I tried and her lashes covered her scrape. She did a good job trying to clean it herself.

We didn't have much time to baby her as we had soccer right after. She did complain off an on that it hurt, and I'm sure it does. But overall she did pretty well not touching her eye. She was nervous about them seeing her eye, but I told her there was nothing she could do about it. And it all went fine. One girl asked about it and I'm not sure how Ashton responded (I was too far away to hear - but I could see the girl touch her eye and point to Ashton's eye, so I knew it was being discussed) but a second later they were playing soccer. So it seemed to be fine.

She's getting better during practice and only had 1 incident where she got huffy. She accidentally hit someone with the ball. I told her to apologize, and she just clammed up. She eventually did, but only after some tears. It wasn't because she didn't want to apologize, but because she was upset she hurt her. But the girls hugged it out and were chasing and playing together shortly after.

The Star Dogs are doing really well together. I think we have a pretty good team!

Can't wait for the game on Saturday!
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