Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bittersweet Pumpkin Patch Trip

It was so fun to watch Ashton's game this Saturday. Today they won! 11-1. This is the first soccer game ever Ashton has gotten to experience a win!

But's what's better than her team winning? Ashton got an assist and made her first soccer goal! What a strutting little peacock we had on our hands! And rightfully so! We celebrated her goal by going out for lunch.

But Ashton couldn't contain her excitement for the pumpkin patch! It's been one of our favorite traditions we began once we had Ashton. The first year she was so tiny and so cute, then every year since then we'd had Khaleesi with us. She died just a week shy of coming with us.

WE we so sad to go without her. We were trying to decide whether or not to take one of our pups. We can't replace Khaleesi, but it's such a great opportunity for a dog to enjoy. Kiara is too old. Amadeus is too old. Kaida is just no good on lead. That left only Brenley. I voted no dog, I jsut thought a smaller dog would be harder. But Ashton and my hubby voted to take Brenley. So off the 4 of us went!

Brenley did do pretty well, but she was carried a lot. Which was a bit hard when getting pumpkins, but it worked out well enough.

We got our 3 family pumpkins. Ashton found her small pumpkin. I found my fat round pumpkin. And my husband found a great tall pumpkin this year, but they just weren't really tall this year, so he found a tallish pumpkin that was spotted. He wanted the spots in remembrance of Khaleesi.

Our family of pumpkins!

On our way back, Ashton climbed the haystack like she always has every year!

This time she was interested in making pottery. There were about a dozen designs she could choose from. She chose the heart bowl.

It was amazing watching her do it. I thought she would not pay attention and have trouble sitting. But she was very serious and concentrated hard. She was fabulous!

He was so patient with her and she made a beautiful bowl! We were told it would dry enough in 30 minutes that we could come back and paint it.

We had a few tickets left and Ashton had her eye on the rock climbing wall. So off we went!

She tried so hard to climb that rock wall. About 3 attempts, but they were spaced too far for her and she just had trouble holding on and would slink back down when she lost grip. But we were so proud of her. She did a great job. I love her adventurous spirit. I'm very sure in a year or two she'll conquer that wall!

We came back and Ashton painted that hear bowl. She wanted blue and green on the outside and every color imaginable on the inside.

They'll call us in a few weeks once it's fired up and ready. Ashton already told me who this heart bowl is for. It's going to make a very special gift!

We had a very unique time at the pumpkin patch this year. No train, no bounce floor like year's prior and no Khaleesi. But still a fun time. the weather was great and we just love doing this to kick off October.

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