Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Little Sailor Girl

I thought Ashton looked super cute today, so out came the camera. I never got to really dress Ashton up for daycare because they have gravel when they play outdoors so she'd come back filthy and her clothes looked like she'd worn them a week. 

At her new Early Learning Center (ELC), they have mulch so she's coming back clean. Only on Friday did she come back with paint on her. But at least that was washable paint.

She asked to wear her heart slap bracelet today. I don't know if she wanted it for something to fidget, show off, or actually be girly and wear it. I'm sure it's the former.

Ashton also showed off some artwork. This one is of a camel sitting on an egg. That's one LARGE egg, I must say. And 2 suns... must live on Tatooine.

This one she drew during Kindergarten. It's of all our pets. (Top: Brenley, Middle L-R: Kiara, Khaleesi, Amadeus, Bottom L-R: Peyton, Drusilla, Kaida) Not bad. Of course they aren't to scale ;)

Ashton seems to really be enjoying Kindergarten It's easier each day to drop her off. But she's always bursting to tell us about her day and what she's doing. It's still a bit hard to follow it all, but she made a best friend.

She asked a bunch of kids who would be her new best friend and some girl raised her hand and said she would. I told her that's great, "What's her name?"

"I don't know." So we call her new bestie "A Girl without a Name". I do know it's not the same girl that has the similar Wonder Woman lunchbox or anyone that she sits with during lunch.

After today she's been at Kindergarten a whole week! Wow!! And in just over a week soccer practice starts back up. It's getting busy!

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