Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kindergarten Orientation Day

I picked up Ashton early from daycare to take her to Kindergarten Orientation. Her daddy and I went and met her Godparents at the entrance. It was thundering a lot and threatening to storm. Sow we hurried in, my hubby dropping us off at the door.

Yuck! We stepped in and it was so muggy. There was no air on at the school at all. I was sweating almost immediately.

The principal recognized us as we walked in and said, "Hi Ashton! I picked out a special teacher just for you!" Ashton was so shy. We went to the table in the back and grabbed her folder.

She is in classroom #7. Made me think of her soccer number. May be 7 is her number?

We headed to Mrs. L classroom. She wore a hot pink dress and was very welcoming. We were the second family there. Immediately Ashton had to get her picture taken and then a family photo. It was so hot, I felt like we were melting.

I started filling out paperwork, while her Godparents took Ashton to pick out her cubby. Ashton went up and down the row looking at all the cubbys to choose from. She then stopped and leaned on the cubby 3rd from the right. That was her cubby. She wrote her name on a card and placed it on top to claim her space. She then practiced hanging her backpack on it.

She then placed all her school supplies she brought with her and distributed them in the groups provided. We noticed she had a Butler University flag hanging up. Go Dawgs!

Then Ashton had to make a wire representation of herself. There were lots of wire available in lots of colors. Ashton grabbed the green wire and made a fox with help from her Godparents. I was still filling out forms. The wire representation and description along with our family photo will be part of a hall display.

I then turned in my paperwork (with no air it was overwhelming going through all the paperwork making sure I filled out all that was necessary) and we went out hoping it was cooler outside.

It was drizzling and it was mass chaos of people everywhere. My husband had parked across the street at the grocery store as there was no room in the parking lot. It took forever for us to get across the street, the cars were crazy fast.

After all that we decided to go out to eat dinner together to celebrate our little Kindergartner-to-be. Tomorrow is her last day at daycare. Thursday is the big day. It's all happening!!

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