Sunday, August 6, 2017

Jacket Stone in Concert

Though I lathered on the sunscreen, both my husband and I got sunburned. But not Ashton. 

We were zonked today, but Ashton found ways to entertain us while we were comatose.

This may not be big to anyone else, but Ashton voluntarily of her own free will - and her idea- dressed up. She did something girly. Not Legos, not cars, not sword fighting, etc. She choose to dress up and entertain us. 

In the past, when she entertains us, or puts on a concert, she just grabs a couple of dog toys like a Frisbee and rope and pretend it's a violin and goes on the fireplace to "play". But this time she went all out.

She got a necklace, a jacket, put on a dress over her shirt and shorts, but a bow in her hair, put on her bling flip flops, sunglasses, and had her glow stick for a microphone.

She told me her name was Jacket Stone! Then she proceeded to perform. And she performed many concerts.

She even produced a mean guitar solo.

I don't know if we'll ever see Jacket Stone again. I don't know if she has any future tour dates. But it was very entertaining and I was very lucky to have front row seats!

Khaleesi was not as impressed.

Later Ashton really wanted to exercise. I told her she didn't need all that stuff she brought out and that she could just do some sit ups or push ups. But she said she wanted to be healthy and do a video.

She found some Turbo Jam and started jamming for a good 15 minutes. She used weights and when she was tired she'd lie down on the mat and do the weights or the exercises from the floor.

Then she surfed around on my on demand exercise channel and sampled a few others. None were as entertaining for her. But this is a start.

So I'm very excited for Asthon to dip into a few girly activities. Dress up was a great start. And I'm glad she is thinking about being healthy and strong. Time will only tell where this all will lead. But if nothing else, she did entertain us while we gained our own strength back.

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