Thursday, August 3, 2017

First Day of Kindergarten

We hit a BIG milestone today. Ashton just started school for the first time. She started Kindergarten! And she is the Class of 2030, oh my!

I had seen so many cute first day photos of the years of children and how they do photos on their first and last days. My favorites are the sign of information and the grow with me graduation shirt.

So I found on Etsy versions I thought fit Ashton.

We got this great whiteboard that does Ashton's first days. I can reuse it every year. I also got a last day version to go with. I'm all about matching and consistency.

This one says she's starting Kindergarten, is 5 years old, her handwriting, her favorite summer memory: Legoland, and what she wants to be when she grows up has been a Cop for a couple years. Today it changed. Today she answered "A race car driver". Being in Indiana, that's actually a good answer and it sounds totally like her. 

What else is amazing is I got her in a dress and all girly! She really doesn't care what I put her in, but I wanted her extra cute today. And she looked amazing!

I really love how the tye-dyed graduation gorown with me shirt came out. It's an adult M. I probably could have ordered and adult S, but I didn't know if it'd shrink or what and I'd rather too big than too small. It'll be sun to see how she grows into this shirt over the years - though I'm not ready for her to grow up anymore than she already is!

She loves her Wonder Woman backpack. She actually picked it out a year ago! She was that excited about starting Kindergarten! However, that backpack didn't last the year, and we scoured the stores trying to find it again. (The original store didn't carry it this year. And other stores had pink versions - which Ashton isn't a pink type of girl.) We finally found a winner. The straps are red rather than yellow and it doesn't light up. But it's really close. And Ashton is very happy.

And bonus when we bought the backpack, it came with a free lunchbox! And it has a cape on it just like her backpack! Seriously! How stinking cute is that?

Both her daddy and I went to drop her off at school. Man, did she get scared. She clung to my leg. They asked her her name, and she wouldn't talk. She wouldn't take off her backpack. I had to wrangle it off of her. She was like a statue around my leg.

I just kept reassuring her in a clam voice. 

There were other kids playing different activities around the lunch room. There was Legos, drawing (2 of her personal favorites), Some wierd teethy press thing, puzzles, and I don't remember what else. There were many drawing, a few playing Legos, but Ashton took to playing by herself with the weird teethy press thing. It even came with a face. I told her to make a robot.

She finally did well enough and I backed away and out the door. She did just fine with her little project.

When I came to pick her up I practically interrogated her about her first day of school. But she had been warned the night before that I'd want to know everything about her first day of school.

Of course what I got was this crazy frown and a thumbs up. What's that mean? Slowly she started sharing the good and the bad. From a boy that said she cut in line (but she didn't - she swears) to rock wall climbing.

She was adorable about it. A lot she told me I didn't understand from bugs on side of TV that turned everything upside down, to alphabets that are robots... But it all sounded very busy and exciting. She wasn't bored.

She talked about seeing Mr. B from Sunday school there, who she also saw during orientation day and that he sat with her and 2 other girls during lunch. And that another girl had a Wonder Woman lunchbox - but it was different colors. And she didn't have a Wonder Woman backpack. About it being a boy's birthday and how they celebrated. Sharing a heart rock and passing it around to introduce your self and your favorite thing. How the playground was different than at daycare. 

She came home with a small project due on Monday. She has a piece of card stock that she can draw, cute magazine stuff, whatever and tell about herself. So we placed it on her desk and said we'd work on it together this weekend.

She also brought home her first Kindergarten drawings.

This is Supergirl and Bumble Bee. Below are monsters. She drew their pecks and belly button.

We'll see what else is in store for us. But definitely a lot to take in for her first day.

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