Monday, August 28, 2017

First Year of Fall Soccer

Today marked Ashton's first day of soccer practice. She enjoyed Spring soccer so much, we returned for fall soccer.

Ashton wanted to "workout", so she was doing push-ups to make her "faster".

After about 5 or so she was exhausted.

Exercise is obviously very hard work. But she continued on with more "push-ups" with and without her soccer ball. 

In the car she had her sports bottle she got at the end of last season. She was very excited to have it.

This season Ashton is on an all-girls' team. And this time her daddy isn't the assistant coach, but coach. We were very surprised as we didn't expect that, but many kids signed up last minute, that the league needed coaches. So my hubby decided why not.

There are 5 girls on the team, but 1 didn't show up today. Hopefully, she'll show up next practice. So there were just 4 for the initial practice.

Ashton was an emotional roller-coaster during practice. Right out of the gate we had to pump up a few balls. And Ashton threw a tantrum that she didn't get to inflate her ball since it was fine. I had to walk her off the field and talk to her, calm he down, and bring her back apologizing for her attitude. But it kept sneaking in rearing its ugly head when things weren't going her way. If she felt ignored, or not winning, she'd start getting huffy.

At the end we had to decide on a team name. The girls were asked each what their favorite things were. There were a couple I don't knows... but Ashton said "Star Wars" and another girl said "dogs". So their soccer team name became Star Dogs! They were actually excited about it. So I thought I'd take a group picture.

Then sourpuss came out again, as she didn't want to take a photo. But we weren't going to let her spoil it.

After the photo then her smile came back out and she went off playing with the girls. Go figure!

As long as she keeps her emotions in check and quits the mood swings, I think it'll be good. I think the only child thing is coming out and this is so good for her to learn it's not all about her. It's about being a team and supporting that team.

I hope the next practice goes better and she's all smiles.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Gotcha Day from Her Viewpoint

Ashton drew her Gotcha Day. The green on her feet are her squeaky shoes. She is very proud of that day and this is a sweet depiction of that day how she sees it with us holding her between us closely as family!

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Budding Cartoonist

Ashton is coming home with tons of drawings lately. And this is just her "best" from what she brought yesterday. My little artist maybe be more of a cartoonist or comic book illustrator. She drew Sven from "Frozen".

This strays from the cartoonist side, but it's very beautiful, whatever it is.

Here is Wonder Woman. Such a good job. She even picked up on the uneven, sectioned skirt she wears.

Then Pikachu from Pokemon. 

Lots of creativity here! Can't wait to see where it all goes.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Ashton in a Nutshell

Ashton's first big homework project. It was about her and what described her. There was so much we didn't put on there, but I think we got the major ones.

  • We had to put her name on it really big. Check.
  • She loves Hawkgirl. Got it.
  • Loves Wonder Woman - double check - don't you love her photo of her as Wonder Woman?
  • Plays soccer.
  • Plays with Legos.
  • Loves green and loves a Ferrari.
  • Loves Coke and chocolate. But I swear that's not her diet.
  • Loves Mackinac Island.
  • Loves the violin.
  • Loves Pua from "Moana".
  • Loves foxes.
  • Loves tauntauns, which mind you is totally separate and different that loving "Star Wars". So we have them both on there.
We had to take out "Descendants". There were just too many pets to add; that would have been her whole project alone! I don't remember what else we didn't have room for. But I think it came out well. She seems pretty proud of it and she couldn't think of anything else to add.

She'll have to present this to her class. I hope it goes well.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Little Fox

This morning was a lot better than yesterday. Today Ashton was perky and happy. We are all still sick with colds, sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, but we're managing.

Today Ashton wore her fox headband. She's so darling in it. I haven't seen her really wear it in a long while. I was tickled she wanted to wear it to school. With it raining outside I put her in her sneakers and she just looked adorable.

She also wanted to take her Wonder Woman I Can Read Books to Kindergarten today.

She can't take toys, but I didn't see any harm taking the books. And I encourage her reading. So I said sure.

I dropped her off at before care at the school and she asked if she could read her books. So I took them out of her backpack and she delved right in. No tears today. A blow kiss goodbye with a smile is what I got.

Sh was in a great mood when I picked her up. And once home she was just making all over Khaleesi. Giving her belly rubs and receiving kisses in return. If you notice the fox ears didn't last the whole day. They were in her backpack. But man it was cute while it lasted.

These two are so adorable together. If you notice in the animated gif, Khaleesi's ears go up. Super cute!

Ashton also brought home a green folder from Kindergarten. I tried reading what she wrote. I said "Pirate Fiddler". 

Ashton said it had a song inside. So I thought "Fiddler on the Roof"? They're doing a musical?

No, no. What she wrote on her green folder was "Poetry Folder" and there was a song inside, but it's technically a poem. And the song was just learning the school name and teacher name etc.

But now we have a bit of homework going over her poems/songs each week. I'm glad I have the teacher's notes over reading what Asthon put, else I'd thought she was doing a musical this year rather than bringing poetry home!

She also brought this little beauty home. I'm glad her first week is going well.

Oh, and we can't forget or fur babies. Love it when they share. Hard to get a photo, as Brenley gets so excited when she thinks she's getting attention she gets up and just wants to lick you and snuggle.

We also had a project due for her class on Monday. So we went to the store and stopped by for dinner. Ashton had her first encounter with queso, which had a bit of a bite. This was her reaction.

She nothing if at least entertaining. And notice I got her to wear her fox ears when we left! Ha! I'll keep my baby cute one way or another!
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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Copy Cat

Everyone at home is dealing with a cold. It sucks. So not everyone is in the best of moods. And this morning Ashton was in a foul mood. And when I dropped her off at school , she was in tears. She didn't want me to leave. So I gave her an extra five minutes of my time just holding her, trying to reassure her.

The before care instructor was drawing sunflowers at the time. Just something I noticed. 

When Ashton came home she pulled out that drawing of hers. I wondered why she brought it. She said she copied it. And she pulled out her drawing. We have a little copy cat!

I told her how proud I was of her. She did a great job!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Little Sailor Girl

I thought Ashton looked super cute today, so out came the camera. I never got to really dress Ashton up for daycare because they have gravel when they play outdoors so she'd come back filthy and her clothes looked like she'd worn them a week. 

At her new Early Learning Center (ELC), they have mulch so she's coming back clean. Only on Friday did she come back with paint on her. But at least that was washable paint.

She asked to wear her heart slap bracelet today. I don't know if she wanted it for something to fidget, show off, or actually be girly and wear it. I'm sure it's the former.

Ashton also showed off some artwork. This one is of a camel sitting on an egg. That's one LARGE egg, I must say. And 2 suns... must live on Tatooine.

This one she drew during Kindergarten. It's of all our pets. (Top: Brenley, Middle L-R: Kiara, Khaleesi, Amadeus, Bottom L-R: Peyton, Drusilla, Kaida) Not bad. Of course they aren't to scale ;)

Ashton seems to really be enjoying Kindergarten It's easier each day to drop her off. But she's always bursting to tell us about her day and what she's doing. It's still a bit hard to follow it all, but she made a best friend.

She asked a bunch of kids who would be her new best friend and some girl raised her hand and said she would. I told her that's great, "What's her name?"

"I don't know." So we call her new bestie "A Girl without a Name". I do know it's not the same girl that has the similar Wonder Woman lunchbox or anyone that she sits with during lunch.

After today she's been at Kindergarten a whole week! Wow!! And in just over a week soccer practice starts back up. It's getting busy!

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Jacket Stone in Concert

Though I lathered on the sunscreen, both my husband and I got sunburned. But not Ashton. 

We were zonked today, but Ashton found ways to entertain us while we were comatose.

This may not be big to anyone else, but Ashton voluntarily of her own free will - and her idea- dressed up. She did something girly. Not Legos, not cars, not sword fighting, etc. She choose to dress up and entertain us. 

In the past, when she entertains us, or puts on a concert, she just grabs a couple of dog toys like a Frisbee and rope and pretend it's a violin and goes on the fireplace to "play". But this time she went all out.

She got a necklace, a jacket, put on a dress over her shirt and shorts, but a bow in her hair, put on her bling flip flops, sunglasses, and had her glow stick for a microphone.

She told me her name was Jacket Stone! Then she proceeded to perform. And she performed many concerts.

She even produced a mean guitar solo.

I don't know if we'll ever see Jacket Stone again. I don't know if she has any future tour dates. But it was very entertaining and I was very lucky to have front row seats!

Khaleesi was not as impressed.

Later Ashton really wanted to exercise. I told her she didn't need all that stuff she brought out and that she could just do some sit ups or push ups. But she said she wanted to be healthy and do a video.

She found some Turbo Jam and started jamming for a good 15 minutes. She used weights and when she was tired she'd lie down on the mat and do the weights or the exercises from the floor.

Then she surfed around on my on demand exercise channel and sampled a few others. None were as entertaining for her. But this is a start.

So I'm very excited for Asthon to dip into a few girly activities. Dress up was a great start. And I'm glad she is thinking about being healthy and strong. Time will only tell where this all will lead. But if nothing else, she did entertain us while we gained our own strength back.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sanmenxia Girls at the Dunes

Today was a special day. We were able to get our 3 Sanmenxia girls together, not for a birthday or walk the wall. Just hang out together at the Dunes. Of course it included more brothers and sisters and the parents, so it was a fun chaos.

At first they didn't want to go in the water. Just play with the sand and build castles. And I wouldn't blame them it was only in the high 70s and the water was freezing!

Little J. was content watching the girls or playing by herself.

The girls then took turns burying each other. Then running to the surf then back to burying each other.

I wish we could get these girls together more often. But I'm so grateful for us living at least close enough to have special times like this.

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