Saturday, July 1, 2017

Kate Middleton Inspired Wedding

Ashton didn't attend (no kids allowed), but I was part of a wedding of a very good friend of mine. Thursday was the bachelorette party. Friday was the nails, luncheon, and rehearsal along with the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday was the big day! It was a long day. I had to be downtown 7am sharp for hair and makeup. The wedding didn't start until 4pm!

Obviously it all cam out very well. The bride was very happy!

I had my hair pulled up into a fun braided updo. My mom loved it. She was at the wedding along with my Godmother.

It was a very fun reception. And my husband and I danced a lot. It was a good time.

I did miss Ashton. I would have loved to seen her as a flower girl. But the wedding party was big enough. And it was nice to be just us adults. I can't wait to see all the photos from the photographer when Miss M gets back from her honeymoon!

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