Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July in Paradise

So we drove all morning and came to our destination early afternoon! Yay!

The lobby was beautiful. They had am amazing fountain right when you walking in the front doors.

We checked into our room, and this was our view from the balcony! We were so excited. And Ashton wasted no time changing into her swimsuit.

Today only, as a July 4th special, they had an inflatable slide. There are no slides to any of the pools, so this would be the only slide on this day. So we headed there first.

Ashton waited in line a long time. She went down the slide no problem. When she came out she told me she nearly drowned at the bottom and didn't want to do it again. Drown? Yeah, right. But fine. We took to the pools.

Storms kept rolling in and out all day. So we'd be in the pools then have to evacuate the pools then allowed to get back in, then out... But we enjoyed our times in.

Here we are on our patio looking out at the storm when the pools were evacuated. It was just great to stand out there and watch. Ashton isn't scared of heights and would put her arms out between the bars or her feet, and give me a panic attack!

We staked out the perfect spot for fireworks and sat on a bench an hour ahead of time. Ashton was very bored and didn't appreciate the "down time". But I loved the sun setting reflected on her face and tried to capture it, but she wasn't for that either. It was either pout or cheesen', nothing serene. Best I got were these.

We were seated right in from of the fire pit. Not too close to really feel it, but enough for ambiance.

Ashton can't just sit, so she was up and down from the bench, and the fire pit. The fireworks were great.

After the fireworks we went to our room to our balcony. There were fireworks from other locations in all directions. It was amazing and beautiful to watch! We loved it.

It was a great 4th of July! Wish we could do this every year!

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