Sunday, July 30, 2017

Playing Games at Grandma's

Spending a little time with Grandma. We brought games. We played Skipbo and Uno. Ashton played with the trains from Train Dominoes. Ashton loved it when we would skip or draw 2 on anyone she'd laugh and point. Grandma was just trying to make sense of the colors on the cards. Ashton would also chase Laulau's dog around the yard. It was very cute!

Think we ladies all had a good time. Hopefully, we can have more family game time soon!

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Saturday, July 29, 2017


As you can see Ashton got arrested... ha ha! No, she can be mischievous, but never that bad. We were going to the grocery store when this cop car and a cop were by the entrance. Aston when in and asked if the store was okay and if it was a real cop. We told her yes and if she wanted to take a look. She nodded yes. OF course then she got really shy. She held my leg and wouldn't speak a word. We told the police officer that she wanted to be a cop when she grew up and just wanted to see the car. He asked her name, age, and other questions, but she was too shy to answer. She was so stoic and couldn't even smile. Just big-eyed wonder. So we were talking for her. 

He finally asked her if she wanted to sit in the car. Then she got a huge grin on her face and nodded yes. She climbed in and pointed to the handcuffs dangling by the steering wheel. She was on cloud nine! 

They officer told me I had to take a picture of her in it. I quickly reached in my purse and did. I wasn't even thinking about it.

He said she made his day and glad he stuck around a few extra minutes before leaving. 

Ashton was elated. Of course once we went back in the store, she was a jabber box. If only she could have said a few things to the officer. But at least he got her to smile and get a chance to sit in the car. It made her day too!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Daycare Art

Ashton drew these at daycare. One is a dancing bear... obviously! It's actually very cute.

This one is a superhero on the left (I see the S on the chest for a super hero), but didn't recognize it because of no cape and the strange teeth. Shame on me. Then there was a shark, a vampire, a mummy, and either a ninja or Frankenstein. Wasn't quite sure from her description. May be both. But she told me she wasn't finished with this piece yet. She didn't want me to take a picture until she was done, but she wasn't ready to resume her work today on it. I don't know if she'll ever get back to it, so I took the shot of it. 

What's funny is the giraffe a few days ago. Her first picture was it and scribbled lines over it. It was a giraffe-nado. I believe the shark is from Sharknado. Now I've never watched the show - ever! No interest. Just not me. But a few weeks ago, my husband said something about the Sharknado in space or something. I don't evern remember how it came up. But it was a passing comment in the car. She picked up on it. Now Ashton is obsessed. She is fascinated about Sharknado. She wants to see pictures and doesn't. It scares and fascinates her. And she asks lots of questions. And she now asks about cownadoes or giraffenadoes. Whatever animal and how it'd work etc. It's so weird and funny. The things kids think about.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

After Work Pool Time

After a grueling 2 weeks at work (I had many 10-12 hour days) I think this week will be back to normal. I was able to take Ashton to the pool. She was so excited as she hasn't been since our vacation.

She had a great time, except for when the lifeguard talked to her. She came to me and told me she was in trouble and just sat at the edge of the pool like in a time out. I told her that they probably just warned her about something and as long as she followed the rules she was fine.

But in typical Ashton fashion, if you correct her and she thinks she's done wrong, she shuts down and can't be consoled. I must have tried to encourage her back to play for 10 minutes. It wasn't until I asked her if I talked to the lifeguard and got them to say it was okay for her to go back into the water to play did she even look up or change demeanor.

I went to the lifeguard and asked, "Did my girl touch the ropes or break a rule? I just want to know what she did wrong." The lifeguard told me that Ashton was floating on her back which was fine but also on her stomach. And when she did, it was hard to see if she was okay or floating lifeless. She she just asked her not to do that anymore. That's when she came to me all upset and didn't go back out to play. 

So I took Ashton aside and said she was allowed to play, we even had the lifeguard tell her since she didn't believe me. But then I told her not to float on her stomach. Ashton said she was practicing holding her breath. I said, I know, I was proud, but they thought she was drowning. Ashton said she had to practice. I said just get in the pool and play and don't get on your stomach.

What does she do, she finally warms up to play in the pool but goes straight to "swimming" stomach down and head in the water.  But when I tried to tell her not to, she wouldn't get in the water. When sh'ed feel okay to play again, she would do the float on her tummy again and head in the water. It'd only last 5-7 seconds, but for a lifeguard whose watching so many kids, they can't tell and worry.

Finally, another mother with a girl roughly Ashton's age, asked her to play with her. Her plan worked. The girl got Ashton to play with her and she was chasing her and splashing and no longer putting her head under the water. The mother was really sweet talking to me about how her daughter isn't shy and was leading Ashton by the hand taking her all over having fun. Ashton was shy at first then warmed up.

Crazy, but sometimes that's how it goes. I hope our next pool visit, she'll forget the holding her breath and just play.
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Sunday, July 23, 2017


Ashton goes through spurts. She is Lego obsessed for a couple days, then playdough, then riding her bike, then drawing. She gets very focused on something for a while.

Now it's drawing again. And this morning, she really wanted to draw a giraffe. She must have drawn him 5 times. It wasn't good enough each time. She had me pull up a photo finally on the computer so she could see one to make it accurate! She was even picky on the colors. She said they weren't yellow, but I told her they were golden yellow and it was close enough. So she settled on the yellow to color him in.

This was her final result. And she was so proud! I am too. She go the head in proportion to the neck and got all four legs, the tail and even the ears and small horns. She got the hair down the neck too. And his tongue out! Of course! I'm very proud of our artist!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Last Day of Superhero VBS

The other day she earned her cape. Now she got her mask!  And she's so happy it looks like Hawkgirl's mask (her favorite superhero). So with the yellow shirt and the hawk-like mask she feels almost like her favorite hero. And I kind of see it.

So glad she came home with a big smile on the last day of VBS. Se had to practically push her to go yesterday because of her "fears". I just don't get it. But then it's fine. Today fine. So strange.

Regardless, by girl was very brave. She didn't let her fears win and she braved them and came back loving VBS like always. Now that she's gotten comfortable enough, it's over - of course. I just hope it's easier for her next year!
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Earned her Cape

With the Superhero theme Ashton was insistant on bringing her Batgirl squishem/mashem toy to VBS. My husband wasn't happy about it, but I was like whatever. I guess that won out because she had it in tow. 

But in her "shades" as she likes to correct me anytime I say sunglasses, she looked so Audrey Hepburn with her rolled up jeans and pulled back hair. Gosh she's growing up to a lady so fast!

When she came back she showed off her cape she made. We're not sure what the HOA is, (heroes of America?), but is very imaginative ad she is very proud of it!

She hasn't embellished much on what she does there for 2 hours, which is fine, but I'd like to know what she's learning and applying. I worry I won't know about her Kindergarten either if this keeps up. She shared a bit yesterday, but it was more about being nervous and wanting us back. I hope she grows out of the painfully shy "phase" she always goes through. I wouldn't call it a phase, but I don't know how else to title it. But she hates performing at violin recitals, so wee didn't even try and let her perform this summer, but let her skip it. Maybe in Kindergarten she'll grow out of it? I don't know. But even at the family reunion, she was painfully she for about an hour, then let loose. It's okay, it's her way, but she could do so much more and enjoy herself more if she would initially be sure of herself as she is about an hour later.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Superhero Bible Vacation School

It's that time again. Time for VBS. And what's amazing, after going the last few years, this is the first time her shirt FITS! No rubberband needed! Yay! My little girl is growing up!

This year the theme is superheroes. So is part of the Dynamite Disciples group! They must have had about 10 groups!

Ashton was very nervous about being left there. She always gets she at first. But she had a good time.

She told me all about it as we sat o her floor and shared applesauce together! Love these times with her.

My little superhero!
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Grandma's Birthday and Family Reunion

Today was Grandma's birthday and family reunion. Here's the best picture of 4 generations. IT was either of Ashton being stoic or her tongue out.

I really wonder how her school Kindergarten photos will come out. I think it will be one of those extremes, no smile or her tongue out.

But everyone was having fun. Ashton loves spending time with her cousins.

For Grandma's birthday we gave Grandma photos of Ashton as a mermaid and one of her during the vow renewal. We also gave pictures to LauLau as her birthday is a week away. I was insistent on the cute photos of her during the beach photo session. Ashton insisted tat they wanted her as a mermaid. Which is why they ended up with both!

Her cousins did the same thing for Grandma - photos! Great minds think alike!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Boat Party

Ashton is on a Lego kick since we've visited Legoland. Today she built a party boat with lots of characters on it. She couldn't wait to take a bath and play with it. However, it wouldn't stay up much to her disappointment. It kept toppling over. So we kept scaling it back and back until there was barely anything on it. But she ending up laughing and enjoying the destruction after a bit. It's awful when a bath is about focusing on destroying your Lego creation.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Settling In

We so need a vacation form our vacation. We came back to our babies missing us terribly. The zoo is back together. Khaleesi is still having a few issues with eating and such, but we're working on it best we can. We thought the worst was over, but looks like we're not out of the woods yet. Now I'm trying to focus on August. Is just over 3 weeks my girl starts kindergarten!

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

All Good Things...

We could stay longer but our vacation days and wallets won't allow it. So it's back home. We took our time getting up, enjoyed one last swim, and then took our farewell photos and left our little slice of paradise.

We had such a great time. We can't wait to come back again. Of course Ashton wants more Legoland. It may have been one of the highlights of her trip, but not for us. We had so many other great moments and fun. 

The drive back had many pop up rainstorms, but we managed through. Bye vacation and hello reality. We're coming home!

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Wedding Renewal on the Beach

So Ashton was very angry that she wasn't invited to our wedding. Didn't matter that she wasn't born. So I thought about our big anniversary coming up and thought since I didn't get a beach wedding what if we did a vow renewal on our anniversary on the beach?

She was thrilled with the idea. So we planned our vacation around this. 

We got up early for these shots. 

It was crazy. And these are only the teaser photos. We haven't gotten them back yet. But we're very excited about the moment captured. We thought about staying and having a beach day, but we were in wet clothes, there were sand fleas, it just didn't feel good. So we headed back to enjoy the pool.

Then my husband took me to Bull and Bear for dinner. It was very posh! A good friend of ours that lived in town was sweet enough to watch Ashton at the hotel. 

Loved how their menu was sitting on a stand made of pots and pans.

Their menu was digital and you cold see photos of every dish.

We had a great corner table with windows on both sides.

We had our server, we had the room manager, and we had the restaurant manager. We were very well taken care of.

Our salad was made right in front of us. It was fun to watch.

But the best part was dessert. I ordered The Lemon and my hubby got The Cigar.

Back at the hotel  I came to this! I was told Ashton knew it was a hear after 3 petals were placed on the bed. She really wanted the chocolate, but didn't partake and waited til we came back asking if she could have some.

We even got slippers! And being cheese-aholic, there was a great cheese spread waiting for us.

And this was Ashton's night! Lots of Lego building time. All in all I'd say we both had a good time.

What was great was catching up with my dear friend I haven't seen in so long and talking the night away with Ashton and my hubby.

It was a great anniversary! And I'm so glad we were to include Ashton in our vow renewal. It was a long day, but very blessed day.

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