Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wonder Woman

We're having fun checking in on the birds. They're adorable! They'll be out of the nest soon. They've grown so fast!

Today was Ashton's cousin Mr. K.'s birthday party. We arrived a bit early so Ashton could warm up to being at the pool. She did well without goggles and just a red flotation device. But as soon as kids started coming she wanted a vest and her goggles. 

Her Dad got in the pool with her and she had a blast. She even warmed up to going off the diving board then the slide. I was so proud of her!

I know it wasn't much, but I do think that one day at the pool really helped her adjust to the situation and have fun and try more things. I can't wait to see what more she'll do at the pool at the Y.

We had to leave the party early, because we had a date with Wonder Woman.

Ashton was all ready to go. She had her bracelets, tiara, doll and shirt to represent! She had been looking forward to to this movie all week.

She was all hunkered down in her seat, along with the doll watching. But once the commercials started, Ashton freaked out. They were commercials for horror films and she was so scared! She ended up in my lap with her face buried. She just kept asking when the movie would start.

It finally did after about 1,000 commercials. Then she relaxed a bit. She ended up going into her father's lap part way through the movie and fell asleep. She woke up during the final battle in the end. Sorry she missed most of the movie, but I think the pool and the scary commercials wiped our baby out.

Regardless, she's our little Wonder Woman and it was fun to share this with her. She said she liked the movie, even though she slept through most of it. But perhaps that's a good excuse to go watch it again.

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