Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Time Out

My husband found a Star Wars Lego set on clearance. So he got it for Ashton for a "rainy" day. It wasn't rainy, but it was due time for Daddy-Daughter time. So they built it together. Ashton has always been scared of the carbonate chamber Han was in during Empire. But seeing it in Lego form, it isn't as scary. But Ashton still doesn't care for the carbonate. In fact, she said, "They didn't need to put Han in carbonate. They could have just put him in time out." Even though we tried to explain he was testing it for Luke as they wanted to do that to him, all was lost on her. Time out was good enough and they should have done that. Now I'll always think of "Time Out" when I see that carbonate scene.

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