Thursday, June 1, 2017

Leisure Pools Days

Put some thought into this. Last year Ashton had swimming lessons. It was for a few short weeks, but that was the only time she really was ever in the water. It was to learn. Does any of that apply to her now, or need to be relearned?

This year, I could give her more lessons, or I could take that money and put it to a summer membership at the Y and let her enjoy a pool at her leisure. And maybe instead of only being in the water to force to learn to swim, maybe naturally she'll want to or learn with us.

Not the best theory, but sounds more fun. And we want her to have fun and be comfortable. So hopefully, this theory works.

It's been too cold to go to the pool, but today it was in the high 70s. So we decided to go. It would be too cold for me still, but not for Ashton. And she was excited to go!

Ashton was adamant that she didn't want to go to the pool without her goggles. She hates water in her eyes. And has a bit of fear about water in her ears, nose, etc. She doesn't like it touching her face. Luckily we found her goggles in her old swim bag from last year in the closet. I thought I had it with her swimsuits, but I didn't. So we were scrambling around trying to remember where we last put them a year ago!

She waded around at first then came back to us. 

Her second attempt in, she did a lot of swim crawling. She's not getting her face wet, she's not really trying to learn to swim, but it's a start getting comfortable with the water. And shes out on her own without a life jacket! I consider that a win.

A little bit later Asthon made a friend and they raced back and forth across the pool doing the swim crawl. It was so cute!

I really hope she falls in love with the water this year and gets her face wet and gains the courage to go down the slide. But for now, I'm happy with her going back and forth, being brave to face the water without us parents glued to her side. I hope we have many more days to spend poolside!

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