Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bubble Run

We got up super early to go meet our friends at the Bubble Run downtown. Ashton was excited to meet Miss H and Miss R (girls who were at the same SWI as she when they were little). So this was a very special occasion.

Ashton was all reared up to go. She even brought her goggles for the bubbles.

However, what wasn't expected was the long wait to start. We were supposed to go with the 8am heat. We were told to arrive 60-90 minutes early. We didn't start until 9:30am. The girls were so bored.

During that time they were playing with the little rubber ducky throwing it around and trying to come up with games to entertain themselves.

After forever, we finally inched to the start line and got douced by the first set of bubbles. They were just white bubbles. A small taste of what's to come.

The girls were so cute cleaning each other off.  But they were eager to get to the next set of bubbles.

Next was the pink bubble bog.

It looked like we spilled Kool-Aid down our legs. It was hilarious. Of course you got more on your sneakers and legs than you did on your shirt or face, unless you were Miss R. She slid in the mud on the ground through the pink bubble bog. She was saturated.

Next was Ashton's favorite color green. But the green bubble bog was a disappointment. The color barely stuck, it was like the white bubbles. But she was doing very well walking and running, not asking to be carried. I was very proud of her.

She was sad that she didn't get any green on her shirt, but we didn't either.

There was a small water station under the tunnel. We brought our own water bottles, but thought maybe this water was cooler. It wasn't, but it was still nice.

Next was the yellow bubbles. Miss J didn't join us in the Bubble Run, but met us at this bog and said hello.

We then made our way to the final bog, the Blue bubbles. But before we did there was a lot of dust getting kicked up on this leg of our 5K.

Ashton being silly per usual.

We thought the final finish would have bubbles like the beginning did, but it didn't. But it did have water and shade! We did it! And we did it all together!

It was really late by then about 10:30am and we were hungry for some real food. So we rested for a short time then drove to Butler to the Dawghouse to eat.

The girls all sat together and drew while waiting for their food. They were so tired from the Bubble Run that they were pretty well behaved.

Ashton drew her and the girls at the Bubble Run together.

After lunch we all parted ways and went home and crashed for a bit. We then got up and had to do some errands at Grandma's so we left, and Ashton put her headband on Brenley.

We didn't get done until really late, but got most or the list checked off for Grandma. She seemed pleased. Ashton swore she wasn't tired, and listed all the things she wanted to do and play once we got home. Needless to say, she went straight to bed.

It was a very full adventure! But it was very fun and awesome! I'm so glad the girls got this chance together. I can't wait to see what adventure awaits for them next.

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