Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Wedding

This morning it was raining buckets. I was very worried for the wedding we were to attend as it was outside. But luckily, it stopped and the sun came out after the downpour.

Ashton was good and took her nap before the wedding of a dear friend of mine. She was very excited to go and didn't want a nap, though she never does. But I didn't want her cranky at the wedding so insisted she just have quiet time and lay down. Luckily, it turned into a nap.

We dolled ourselves up and headed out. The wedding was outside on a golf course. I wish I had the forethought to put on sunscreen. I ended up with the most unusual sunburn pattern that matched the lace of my dress on my shoulders and arms.

Ashton couldn't see, and they had little logs lining the aisle. So she sat on that to get a good view.

During the wedding we sat with an dear friend we hadn't seen in years and flew from California to be there. We redheads had a blast together.

The bride and groom released each row by hugging the guests. Ashton stood on her log so she could reach them.

We then got golf carted back to the main lodge. Ashton loved the ridge! She wanted to go faster and ride it again like it was a rollercoaster ride.

Ashton was "starving" and let us know how hungry she was during the entire wedding. So she was glad to get to the lodge to go eat!

We sate next to the dance floor and beside one of the reserved tables for family. We had a great spot!

We had dinner and Ashton tried a few bites of things she turned her nose up at. I was proud that she still listened to me and tried them. Then the dancing. And boy Ashton was up for every single dance. I danced with her for almost all of them and her daddy went up once.

She had a blast! Later on a girl her age and she danced together by the end of it and blew bubbles at each other!

Here we are showing off our itchy crinoline underneath! Ashton's face is priceless!

AShton's dancing was so amusing. But my favorite is when she was "break dancing". She was a hoot. But man, all that energy.

We had fun but I got blisters on my feet and sunburned. I was so ready by the end of it to go home and crash. But not Ashton, she wanted to stay and dance longer. But as it thinned out and I was hurting, we called it time and headed home.

It was a beautiful day. I am so blessed to have witnessed this beautiful union and to spend a fun time with my family. I love weddings and wish I could attend more of them! And I think Ashton would like to as well... at least the reception for the dancing portion of it!

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