Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Soccer has been non-existent for several weeks. The last two Saturdays it's rained so hard that there's been no games. And last Wednesday was rain too, so she took her soccer photos indoors, but no practice.

So instead of practice tonight it was a make-up game for April 29th!! The weather was muggy and it was threatening to rain.

Ashton went out and really stuck to the ball. She even got an assist! She was great.

She also "blocked" the ball, with her chest. It slammed into her. She was stunned then just began to cry. It hurt. She ran to her daddy and I just watched to see if she would perk up and return to the game. But then I got the wave from my husband to come on over. I did and walked Ashton back to the other side where my chair was and her bottle of water. She drank and was still crying, but I went on how brave and cool she was and how neat the imprint was and asked if she wanted a picture of her cool block mud imprint. She got distracted enough and stopped crying. We took the photo and she went back out to play. And she wasn't scared of the ball. She did just fine! I'm so proud of her.

It was a muddy game. She was peppered with mud by the time the game was over, even mud freckles on her face. She was so glad to get a bath when we got home. Her knees were the worst!

I''m just glad she's okay and that she's powering through. Even with the 2 week break of no soccer, she's still come pretty far and has improved since the first game, I'd say. Very proud of our little Avenger/Gryphon!
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