Monday, May 15, 2017

Nearing the End

We had a make-up game tonight.

Ashton's team has never won a game yet, and tonight was no exception. However, they've come a long way than where they've started.

Ashton had a lot of fun.I wish the season was a bit longer for her to really improve. But it's been a hectic season because of the torrential rains the past few weeks. But it was so nice to get the beatiful weather for once.

We also got Ashton's soccer league photos in. The group show was so-so, but defiantly showed their age. And her personal shot is nice, but she's looking at someone else not the photographer. But she looks good.

Saturday is the last game. I'd really like them to end on a win, but that's okay. At least she's loving the game.

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