Saturday, May 27, 2017

High Tea

My friend Miss. M had a bridal shower today. It was high tea, and hats required. So my Mom and I wore our hats, Ashton refused. Which was fine, as I knew it wouldn't stay on her head long anyhow. So in went the cute bow.

Once there, Ashton was very, very shy. I had a hard time of her letting go of my leg. She'd barely smile and she panicked if I got up from my chair, though Lau Lau was in the next chair. Luckily she brought her Shopkins to keep her entertained. Thought she had trouble sharing with the other girls. Gotta work on that.

Ashton didn't like her tea, but ate a few P&J sandwiches and brownies.

I really enjoyed the pineapple tea, And I usually don't like tea. So it was a surprise. My mom had some vanilla earl grey one. It was definitely a unique experience. Miss M seemed to love it all.

Once tea was over Ashton's easy smile came back and she wanted to wear my hat! My hat is off to you girl! She was pleased as punch.

Overall she was well behaved. Kept in her seat. Probably because she was shy and nervous the entire 2 hours. I thought she'd warm up, but never did. She didn't even really play with the other girls. She mainly played Bingo and drew on the back of the cards.

It was nice for the 3 of us ladies to do something together.

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