Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy 3rd Khaleesi!

Happy birthday our crazy Khaleesi! She's an awesome dog! Loving, sweet, gentle, hyper, baby! I don't even know if Ashton remembers getting her or life without her. But she's definitely turned our lives upside down since joining our family! And of course like all our dogs, she thinks she's a lap dog. But she is totally Daddy's girl.

the last week she's been not downing her food per usual. She's left bowls untouched or nibbles a bit. But not her usual enthusiasm. But her personality is still the same. So we don't know what's "different" if anything. We've tried different bowls, different food, different feeding times. But we can't pinpoint what the change or problem is. But as long as she's okay, we're not going to fret about it. Hopefully, it will just straighten itself out.

Memorial weekend is just around the corner. This time last year we headed up to Mackinac Island. Ashton really loved it and wants to go again. However, we have other plans this summer. Though if there's a way to swing up there this summer, I'd love to go again.

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