Saturday, May 20, 2017

Final Game

So today is Ashton's final game in soccer. The season is complete! The league had a out a couple of bounce houses, which Ashton took full advantage of the first hour before the game. 

Then they quickly went on to the games as a huge downpour was on its way. Ashton's coach had a prior commitment today, so my husband had to unexpectedly fill in. We needed a game ball so he felt each kids ball for the best aired up one, it was Ashton's so they began to use it. And Ashton just started balling.

She was so afraid the teams would pop her ball.I told her this was an honor and exciting that her ball was the best. And to go defend her ball - which was strong and wouldn't pop. It took a minute, but she calmed herself and ran out there.

Another time the ball smacked her straight in the face. She came crying and then shook it off and returned to the game. Insistent on trying to make a goal for the first time, especially with her ball!

Ashton was very close to getting a goal but was just shy of it. However, she did "turn" the ball, which was a first. Very funny. Luckily, I did get video of that.

Again our team lost. We never won a game all season, but the kids had fun and hopefully learned a few things.

In the end I helped pass out the medals and quickly took their photo by the goal. Just a couple minutes later the skies opened to thunder, lightening, and a down pour! We were very blessed that we missed it by mere minutes.

It was a crazy season with lots of rain and make-up games. Missed many practices, which was a shame. I'm very curious if we'll continue on this fall. There's so much that will change between now and then. She'll be a Kindergartener for one! But right now I just want to focus on a fun summer! She only has a few months left in daycare. 

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