Thursday, May 18, 2017


Come to find this downstairs. Very suspect. I show my husband. We notice that the Cheetos on the top shelf are gone. He goes to Ashton's room. Their exchange goes like this:

Dad: Where are the Cheetos?
Ashton: How did you know? (Cheetos hiding under the covers with her, she gives a coy smile)
Dad: You left the stool on the chair.
Ashton: Oh.
Dad: Don't do that again.
Ashton: Why?
Dad: You're going to fall and break your leg.
Ashton: I've already done that.

Sigh! Are we teaching her anything? She's hilarious, but I swear. This so reminds me of when she climbed the toilet to get the scissors years ago. That didn't turn out well!

I'm glad she didn't get get hurt. But I'm surprised she thought this was acceptable or safe. She's allowed Cheetos, but she didn't want to disturb us as we had both crashed on the bed after a long week. Sweet she didn't want to wake us, but still other healthier snacks are within reach. There's a reason it's on the top shelf. She's supposed to ask for unhealthy snacks. And worse, she so could have gotten hurt. So much wrong here, but instead we are just laughing. She keeps us in stitches.

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