Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Real Life Hatchimals

So we discovered on May 12th that Rocky (what we named our tree when we planted it years ago) had a bird's nest with 4 blue robin eggs. Ashton was excited. She kept wanting to check it as she wanted to see the birds hatch.

However, most of the time the Mama bird was keeping her eggs warm and protected. We did our best never to come near her to startle her.

On May 27th the babies hatched. The looked so small and weak. Their eyes weren't even open.

Come today, the 31st only 4 days later and look how much the babies have grown! Wow! We've named the four babies Itty, Bitty, Teeny, and Weeny. Ashton just loves "her" babies. She wants so much to cuddle them or pet them, but she only gets to see them when the Mama is out getting food.

I don't know how much longer they'll stay put, but it's been so amazing to have them there!

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Late Night Sunday

Because Monday is a holiday, Ashton got to stay up late Sunday night. We went out for ice cream, as she was bummed that she didn't get a cone and Khaleesi did the day before. So Ashton got a cone to her delight. No Khaleesi this time. Of course she wore the ice cream it seemed more than she ate it. But she had a spoon to help any melty parts so that she wouldn't make a mess.

Ashton decided to practice her violin on the "Stage". She practiced then asked me to play Moana's "How Far I'll Go" on my phone and she "played" along. She was so pleased with herself. She "played" with the song twice. I think this girl can't wait to accompany real music one day. It was very cute. She still has a long way to go, but she's getting there slowly but surely.

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High Tea

My friend Miss. M had a bridal shower today. It was high tea, and hats required. So my Mom and I wore our hats, Ashton refused. Which was fine, as I knew it wouldn't stay on her head long anyhow. So in went the cute bow.

Once there, Ashton was very, very shy. I had a hard time of her letting go of my leg. She'd barely smile and she panicked if I got up from my chair, though Lau Lau was in the next chair. Luckily she brought her Shopkins to keep her entertained. Thought she had trouble sharing with the other girls. Gotta work on that.

Ashton didn't like her tea, but ate a few P&J sandwiches and brownies.

I really enjoyed the pineapple tea, And I usually don't like tea. So it was a surprise. My mom had some vanilla earl grey one. It was definitely a unique experience. Miss M seemed to love it all.

Once tea was over Ashton's easy smile came back and she wanted to wear my hat! My hat is off to you girl! She was pleased as punch.

Overall she was well behaved. Kept in her seat. Probably because she was shy and nervous the entire 2 hours. I thought she'd warm up, but never did. She didn't even really play with the other girls. She mainly played Bingo and drew on the back of the cards.

It was nice for the 3 of us ladies to do something together.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy 3rd Khaleesi!

Happy birthday our crazy Khaleesi! She's an awesome dog! Loving, sweet, gentle, hyper, baby! I don't even know if Ashton remembers getting her or life without her. But she's definitely turned our lives upside down since joining our family! And of course like all our dogs, she thinks she's a lap dog. But she is totally Daddy's girl.

the last week she's been not downing her food per usual. She's left bowls untouched or nibbles a bit. But not her usual enthusiasm. But her personality is still the same. So we don't know what's "different" if anything. We've tried different bowls, different food, different feeding times. But we can't pinpoint what the change or problem is. But as long as she's okay, we're not going to fret about it. Hopefully, it will just straighten itself out.

Memorial weekend is just around the corner. This time last year we headed up to Mackinac Island. Ashton really loved it and wants to go again. However, we have other plans this summer. Though if there's a way to swing up there this summer, I'd love to go again.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Last Day of Gymnastics

So today is the last day of gymnastics for Ashton. This is the 3rd season or year she's had it. But as it's during daycare, I've never seen it. Ashon has weekly violin that she has all year long. Ashton just finished her soccer Spring season. And we're discussing if she should continue into fall. We've kind of let go of her Chinese dancing she used to do. Now we may talk about if she wants to continue with gymnastics. Or maybe choose between soccer and gymnastics. I'm not sure. I don't want to make my daughter be "busy" with activities. And I can't afford a flurry of activities anyhow. I want her to enjoy family time and down time. But I do want her to find her passions. So I'm curious where she'll want to go and bloom.

Ashton now has a completion medal for gymnastics. That makes 4 medals. 3 for gymnastics participation and one for soccer. I never got a participation award for anything and have 1.5 ribbons (that half is a story in itself for another time) for theater. But never a trophy or medal. I must admit I'm a bit envious of my 5 year old who has surpassed me. Ha!

Though participation awards are nice, I'd like her to earn them for real, which I'm sure will come sooner than I think.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Wedding

This morning it was raining buckets. I was very worried for the wedding we were to attend as it was outside. But luckily, it stopped and the sun came out after the downpour.

Ashton was good and took her nap before the wedding of a dear friend of mine. She was very excited to go and didn't want a nap, though she never does. But I didn't want her cranky at the wedding so insisted she just have quiet time and lay down. Luckily, it turned into a nap.

We dolled ourselves up and headed out. The wedding was outside on a golf course. I wish I had the forethought to put on sunscreen. I ended up with the most unusual sunburn pattern that matched the lace of my dress on my shoulders and arms.

Ashton couldn't see, and they had little logs lining the aisle. So she sat on that to get a good view.

During the wedding we sat with an dear friend we hadn't seen in years and flew from California to be there. We redheads had a blast together.

The bride and groom released each row by hugging the guests. Ashton stood on her log so she could reach them.

We then got golf carted back to the main lodge. Ashton loved the ridge! She wanted to go faster and ride it again like it was a rollercoaster ride.

Ashton was "starving" and let us know how hungry she was during the entire wedding. So she was glad to get to the lodge to go eat!

We sate next to the dance floor and beside one of the reserved tables for family. We had a great spot!

We had dinner and Ashton tried a few bites of things she turned her nose up at. I was proud that she still listened to me and tried them. Then the dancing. And boy Ashton was up for every single dance. I danced with her for almost all of them and her daddy went up once.

She had a blast! Later on a girl her age and she danced together by the end of it and blew bubbles at each other!

Here we are showing off our itchy crinoline underneath! Ashton's face is priceless!

AShton's dancing was so amusing. But my favorite is when she was "break dancing". She was a hoot. But man, all that energy.

We had fun but I got blisters on my feet and sunburned. I was so ready by the end of it to go home and crash. But not Ashton, she wanted to stay and dance longer. But as it thinned out and I was hurting, we called it time and headed home.

It was a beautiful day. I am so blessed to have witnessed this beautiful union and to spend a fun time with my family. I love weddings and wish I could attend more of them! And I think Ashton would like to as well... at least the reception for the dancing portion of it!

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Final Game

So today is Ashton's final game in soccer. The season is complete! The league had a out a couple of bounce houses, which Ashton took full advantage of the first hour before the game. 

Then they quickly went on to the games as a huge downpour was on its way. Ashton's coach had a prior commitment today, so my husband had to unexpectedly fill in. We needed a game ball so he felt each kids ball for the best aired up one, it was Ashton's so they began to use it. And Ashton just started balling.

She was so afraid the teams would pop her ball.I told her this was an honor and exciting that her ball was the best. And to go defend her ball - which was strong and wouldn't pop. It took a minute, but she calmed herself and ran out there.

Another time the ball smacked her straight in the face. She came crying and then shook it off and returned to the game. Insistent on trying to make a goal for the first time, especially with her ball!

Ashton was very close to getting a goal but was just shy of it. However, she did "turn" the ball, which was a first. Very funny. Luckily, I did get video of that.

Again our team lost. We never won a game all season, but the kids had fun and hopefully learned a few things.

In the end I helped pass out the medals and quickly took their photo by the goal. Just a couple minutes later the skies opened to thunder, lightening, and a down pour! We were very blessed that we missed it by mere minutes.

It was a crazy season with lots of rain and make-up games. Missed many practices, which was a shame. I'm very curious if we'll continue on this fall. There's so much that will change between now and then. She'll be a Kindergartener for one! But right now I just want to focus on a fun summer! She only has a few months left in daycare. 

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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Come to find this downstairs. Very suspect. I show my husband. We notice that the Cheetos on the top shelf are gone. He goes to Ashton's room. Their exchange goes like this:

Dad: Where are the Cheetos?
Ashton: How did you know? (Cheetos hiding under the covers with her, she gives a coy smile)
Dad: You left the stool on the chair.
Ashton: Oh.
Dad: Don't do that again.
Ashton: Why?
Dad: You're going to fall and break your leg.
Ashton: I've already done that.

Sigh! Are we teaching her anything? She's hilarious, but I swear. This so reminds me of when she climbed the toilet to get the scissors years ago. That didn't turn out well!

I'm glad she didn't get get hurt. But I'm surprised she thought this was acceptable or safe. She's allowed Cheetos, but she didn't want to disturb us as we had both crashed on the bed after a long week. Sweet she didn't want to wake us, but still other healthier snacks are within reach. There's a reason it's on the top shelf. She's supposed to ask for unhealthy snacks. And worse, she so could have gotten hurt. So much wrong here, but instead we are just laughing. She keeps us in stitches.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Today I wanted to go on a walk with Khaleesi as it was beautiful weather with a great wind. Ashton wanted to come along and walk Brenley. So we did. It was adorable.

However, Brenley being a small dog was done after a lap around the neighborhood. I was planning on about 4 more. So we put Brenley up and Ashton begged to try Khaleesi for the first time.

Not too bad, but definitely different than Brenley. But AShton "kept" up and was able to walk her around the whole neighborhood once by herself. I see Ashton walking Brenley more in the future rather than Khaleesi.

Ashton loved our quality time and I'm hoping we'll have more daily walks together.

Enjoying the memories we're creating.
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Monday, May 15, 2017

Nearing the End

We had a make-up game tonight.

Ashton's team has never won a game yet, and tonight was no exception. However, they've come a long way than where they've started.

Ashton had a lot of fun.I wish the season was a bit longer for her to really improve. But it's been a hectic season because of the torrential rains the past few weeks. But it was so nice to get the beatiful weather for once.

We also got Ashton's soccer league photos in. The group show was so-so, but defiantly showed their age. And her personal shot is nice, but she's looking at someone else not the photographer. But she looks good.

Saturday is the last game. I'd really like them to end on a win, but that's okay. At least she's loving the game.

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