Friday, April 14, 2017

Welcome Little One

Yes, we're THAT crazy family. But we love it! 

We didn't want another dog, and we're looking. Yet, somehow here we are another dog to our pack. Go figure. But no regrets.

Why you may ask? We could rationalize many different ways. Amadeus is older and Kaida needs a buddy to play with and leave grumpy alone. Ashton wants her own dog to bond with and care for. Whatever our reasons, this just seemed right.

Enter our newest family furbaby - Brenley! She's 6 months and already bigger than Amadeus and Kaida. But that's okay.

She is truly the sweetest dog. She is a ragdoll and let's Ashton do anything to her. On the ride home with her, she just stayed in Ashton's lap. She never moved. She was content whomever's lap we moved her too. Ashton can hold her and snuggle and doesn't ask her to get out of her face. Ashton can't hold our other pups, they get scared. But not this pup.

She's very mellow and just loves to give kisses and snuggle. She's amazing! She may be more of a companion for Amadues than Kaida at this point. They snuggle together and Kaida is nothing but jealous.

She's been home only a short amount of time, but it already feels right. She's great. And Ashton is just over the moon. Hopefully, we can teach her to walk and Ashton can actually walk one of our pups. Kiara is too old and stubborn, Kaida and Ami too dainty, and Khaleesi - too big and strong. Brenley is just right.

It's taking some adjustments, but all is working out so far. She's already potty trained, she is eating fine, she is bonded to me and Ashton almost immediately. I couldn't ask for a better transition. We're over the moon about her.

She's a bit shy and needs to learn to warm up around strangers, but that may because she's in a new place. It takes time to feel at home and safe. But she comes wags her tail constantly. Her ears go back when she wags her tail a lot like she's just so happy and wants to cuddle and please you.

With "easy access" we now have to calm Ashton down from picking her up ALL the time. She's totally taking advantage of it. Way too much. We keep telling her to give her space and not to pick her up so much or she may loose the privilege all together and the dog may become smart and wiggle free. But Ashton keeps protesting that she loves her so much and this is her dog and she loves her back. Though that may be, we are still finding that we're constantly reminding her to put the dog down and to get out of her face. But Brenley so far still doesn't seem to mind.

This teddy bear of a pup is just amazing and I can't wait when she feels safe and all is good. She already sleeps on the bed with the other Chis. They tolerate that, but not playing together yet. Hopefully, soon in time. But Amadeus was more resistant to Kaida than he was with Brenley. And Kaida, growls, but I see her wearing down, I think. I just can't wait until they're all friends. Khaleesi adores her and Kiara doesn't care. Same goes for the cats, they aren't too interested and either is Brenley.

And Brenley doesn't bark. She just wags her tail and follows you like a lost puppy. She's so endearing. I can't imagine a better experience so far with a new puppy. Reminds us of Arwen when she first came into our lives. Never barked, whined to sleep on the bed and was amazing, already potty trained, and sweet as honey!

Welcome home Brenley!

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