Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Soccer Blues

Ashton was not having it today. She complained that her stomach hurt and after every exercise or drill, she's plop to the ground as if tired. She barely ran, and walked to the ball.

Don't get me wrong, she did most of everything, just with a slower pace and attitude. May be she really did have an upset tummy or not. But it's funny that it only hurt during practice and not before or after.

Also, anytime she couldn't kick she'd pout and flail her arms for not "winning". I kept pulling her aside and telling her that you can't always win and that's what makes it sweeter and that others need to shine, but she didn't care.

Today was just an off day. She was either upset for not winning. walking with little enthusiasm, on the ground with exhaustion, off to the side with an upset tummy, or coming to me to complain. Not her best day.

But everyone is allowed to have an off day. I just hope it's just random and not that she's lost her enthusiasm for soccer. She seemed excited right before as normal, but then once there, she changed.

Maybe being accidentally hit in the crowd of boys getting the ball set her off. That is when the attitude started. But this is soccer. You're going to get hurt.

We then got to small group for church and she was excited to see Mr. E and play her tablet with him. However, he was sick and didn't show, so she was a bit let down. She ended up snuggled with me on the chair while the group talked.

So I think today was just an off day. She had the blues to speak. But that's okay. Everyone is entitled to a bad day, days, week, whatever. She can have hers as long as she doesn't get mean about it. And she wasn't all that bad, but there was definitely something off during the game. I kept trying to talk her through it during water breaks, but nothing worked.

Tomorrow is another day and I hope one filled with smiles and laughter.
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