Monday, April 3, 2017

Sanmenxia Art

4 years ago today we boarded a plane bound to China to become parents to this amazing little one.So it was only fitting that when we got home there was mail for Ashton.

It came from friends of our from Ohio. Their little girl is from the same SWI and their family went to Sanmenxia this spring to help out for a time.

Inside there was a letter with two little foxes on it and a gift. It read:

Here is a beautiful little fox that was made in art class by a child at Sanmenxia SWI. The project manager mentioned that she immediately thought of you when she saw the finished craft - I agreed since I know you love them!
It was very sweet! Inside was a perler beaded fox. Ashton was so excited.

She immediately took it upstairs to display it on her shelf on her desk, next to some other Chinese sentimental items.

Thank you! It was so sweet that you both thought of Ashton and brought back something for her from her birthplace. It means a lot! We are so blessed that she was and still is so beloved at her SWI in Sanmenxia.

In other news, I had to share photos of Khaleesi being her crazy self. For whatever reason, this was a comfortable sitting position. She cracks me up.

I'm sure this new position isn't going to be a habit, but it's very amusing. She was just laying on the ottoman and decided to get off, but not completely. She must have been like this for at least 10 minutes. I'm just glad I had my phone with me and it was still charged! These are the moments!

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