Sunday, April 16, 2017

Rainy Easter

Ashton was very concerned last night. Every year the Easter Bunny has hidden her eggs outside. This year calls for rain. And She didn't know how he'd come inside. He can't go down the chimney, he's a bunny after all!

We told her we didn't know, but sure he got help from fairies or elves. And we were informed right away that the Easter Bunny didn't have elves, only Santa!

Well, seems that the Bunny did just fine! Ashton was thrilled! She couldn't wait for the egg hunt! But she indulged my photo taking for a short bit.

She was also glad Lent was over so she could eat chocolate! She said she wished she had given up Coke instead. She spent most of the day making up for the lost time she didn't have any chocolate. 

The bunny was very creative, and hid the eggs all over, not just on the ground. They were behind cushions, inside the TV center, on lamps, sitting in the water station on the fridge, just anywhere! When certain eggs were to high she'd point and let her father get them down for her. But she just loved the hunt!

Later that day, after returning from a family lunch at her Aunt's house (I forgot my phone at home), we called her Grammy and Grampy. They had sent her a small box of Easter surprises. One was a bunch of white plastic eggs she could color with markers. She colored right away.

Ashton was excited all day. She loved playing with her new bubbles, putting on her first tattoo, eating chocolate, and just playing outside between the misting rain bursts. We ended the night watching 'Rogue One' together. She wasn't upset about the ending as I thought she would be. Didn't really phase her at all. Just lots of questions as usual.

Before bed we put on her tattoo. She picked BB8. She can't wait to show it to all her friends tomorrow during daycare!

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