Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Practice, Practice, Practice

Ashton is always geared up for soccer, but once there, looses a little steam. She needs to learn to keep running and to listen. She's always checking that I'm watching. Maybe I shouldn't go so she can concentrate on the practice, but we have small group for church right after and go straight there. And I'm there to encourage her on and I hope I'm giving her more confidence. But sometimes I wonder if me being there is a hindrance. 

Regardless, I enjoy watching her progress. She's getting better about making it into the goal. Everyone had 10 turns to kick the ball from various angles. Ashton was the highest making 9 out of 10 goals. Many can kick faster or quicker, but she at least has better aim.

Looks like her game may be rained out next week, as there will be rain for days according to the forecast. And next week she has soccer team pictures! I'm excited about that!

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