Thursday, April 6, 2017

Happy Birthday, Kaida!

Our crazy, insane, high energy, flying chihuahua just turned 1 year old today! You can't compare her to any other dog. She's so feisty and beats to her own furiously fast drummer. She follows anyone anywhere wanting to know whats going on. She can leap over and on to pretty much anywhere. She is amazing and fast!

I think the company has been good for Amadeus, but is can be a bit much. There is quite the age difference of 8 years between them. She wants to play all the time, and sometimes Ami just is not all up for it. He plays time to time, but he'd rather snuggle.

Kaida can snuggle, but prefers to play fetch or tug or run about like she's on a race track. She's always up to run on a moments notice.

With all this personality it should come as no surprise that she's our thief. She loves to steal Ashton's Butterfly (a plush bat toy), shoes, socks, and even Khaleesi's toys. She even pulls on Ashton's pant legs from time to time. She can be a real stinker!

She keeps us on our toes! And she can be sweet and snuggly and give you kisses. Happy birthday our little baby!

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