Wednesday, April 5, 2017

From Soccer to the Emergency Room

Because of the storms rolling through today, I was messaged that Ashton's first soccer practice would be moved indoors. I packed a bag with her cleats, her shin guards, and her ball. And not to be cold in the rain, I put her in her outter gear and she had her water bottle in hand. She looked adorable. She was so excited to get going.

Once there she had a million questions. I did my best to answer them while I helped her get out of her outter gear and get her shin guards and cleats on. But once on, she wanted to play. She began running around having a blast. (And that wasn't even on the field yet!)

Finally the kids were allowed on the field while teams were being organized. Ashton was so excited. She found a goal and began kicking it in over and over.

Teams 1-4 are kids 4 and under. Teams 5-8 are kids 6 and under. Ashton is on Team 5. There are only 5 kids to a team. Ashton is the only girl on her team and the smallest. They got to name themselves (though they are the Gryphons and have Gryphon uniforms) as they play against teams 6-8 who are Gryphons too. So they had to name their team. Ashton begged for Tauntauns. Rejected. The boys loved the Avengers. Ashton was sad that is wasn't the Tauntauns. I told her she was an Avenger Tauntaun. She told me no, she was the Hulk. Okay!

What's really cool is that Ashton's Dad is the assistant coach for her team! It's awesome! I think it's great to have her daddy participate and we with her. And the head coach, his son is in the team too. S, yeah, I think they have their favorites. 

Came to find out 3 on the team have played before, had a couple years of practice. And only Ashton and one boy were having their first day of soccer. 

The coach reminded them the most important thing on the field. Have fun. That's all he asks them to do, the other stuff will come.

They started with a warm up. Then they learned to dribble the ball back and forth. They then dribbled around in a circle.

Then they would dibble and then the coach would yell out a body part and they'd stop and place that on the ball. So they'd dribble and he'd yell, "Ear" and they'd drop to the ground and put their ears to the ball. Then he'd whistle to get them to dribble again. He yelled, "elbow", "belly button", "booty", all sorts of things.

Ashton having never played before is learning to keep the ball close to her, she usually is kicking it so hard she's chasing after it. Also, she loves to grab the ball to make corrections. Gotta keep those hands off the ball. But she's learning and having fun. She was never told no, not to to touch the ball, or was overly corrected. She got guided back and assisted, or they let her figure it out herself.

They then played this game called Shark. One kid is the "shark" and the rest are the "Minnows". The shark has a small strip of playing space in which he can steal the minnows ball and they thus become sharks and go after the other minnows.

Ashton was the last surviving minnow during the first two games. Mainly because she was chasing after her ball and didn't have good control so it was hard for the sharks to steal it. But Ashton was so proud to "win"!

Then the third game she got to be the shark. And she stole someone's ball during the first pass. I was so proud of her.

They then handed out uniforms. She has an away and home jersey, shorts and socks that go all the way up her thighs! Ashton soccer number is 7! Good number. She's Jane Bond! She can't wait to wear her uniform for the game!

Ashton had a blast! But we had to jet out and get to small group for church. So we rushed out and got there just in time. We settled down and Ashton went to the basement with the kids.

She popped out of the basement once laughing and running. They were playing tag. My hubby took her down and spoke to her about running and coming upstairs. 

Not 5 minutes later one of the boys said, "Ashton's hurt. She cut her head. She's bleeding."

They were playing tag in the basement and Ashton tripped and hit her head on the treadmill.

Ashton wasn't wailing or sobbing, but tears were coming down. We sat her on the kitchen counter while everyone in our small group was getting paper towels, ice, water, bandages, etc. It was a deep cut. 

With everyone doing a job I was jobbed with getting the blood out of her clothes. Luckily it rinsed right off. But Ashton was bleeding a lot. She had a small but very deep cut. We weere on teh fence about going to the E.R. or not. It was small, but on the border. My husband said a butterfly might do the trick or one stitch. I mentioned glue. 

Ashton's hearing all of this and kept saying "I don't want to go to the hospital." I told her I'd lift the Lent promise tonight and she could have all the chocolate she wanted if she'd be brave and go to the E.R. Ashton smiled and said "Chocolate!" in a sing-songy voice. Ashton's fear melted to bravery. She had a mission. Get chocolate!

We put a band-aid on her haed and whisked her to the E.R.

She got bored very fast, but luckily the E.R. had a small box of crayons and paper. And Ashton was engulfed. She wouldn't stop drawing. She had something to do.

We got to a room and Ashton continued to draw. They examined her head while she drew. I think it kept her calm and move less to be examined. It was perfect.

They cleaned her cut and Ashton thought it was funny. At first she thought they were giving her a shot, but they showed her it was just water and Ashton made faces at them.

They then decided she didn't need to be numbed. So they just came and glued it shut. Very quick and painless. Ashton didn't make a peep. She was amazing.

Checking out took the longest. But that was okay as Ashton wasn't done with her masterpiece. When she was she told us it was her at the house where she got hurt. She drew her accident! That girl!

So all is okay, all is good. But she learned a hard lesson. She didn't listen when told to stop running and this would be why. She said she wouldn't run in the basement or during small group from now on. I can only hope when we return, she truly remembers this night and curbs her zest to run.

Of course, I think all she remembers is the big chocolate bar she got after we left for being so brave.

All in all, a very busy day. One that could have gone much worse for wear. I'm so thankful that her injury is as small as it is.
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