Wednesday, April 12, 2017

First Outdoor Soccer Practice

I can't decide which of her is cuter between these two pictures. Ashton was thrilled that it was soccer practice day. I thought she would be excited to wear her Pua shirt, but she didn't understand why she wasn't wearing her uniform.

She was thrilled to be on the field. She was throwing the ball repeatedly up in the air before practice. 

They concentrated about wanting the ball, going after the ball, and taking the ball.

Then it was about accuracy and kicking the ball to the goal.

But they did get to play the Shark vs Minnows game again. And on the first run through, Ashton won!

Ashton wasn't used to running laps or doing push ups. But I think this is all good for her. She learning it's not just all play, but it's also about teamwork, practice and trial and error - and exercise. Yet, she's still loving it. She's smiling most of the time out there. And when she comes off the field she talks about the goals she kicked and games she won. She's very enthusiastic. I don't know if she has skill or true passion for the game, but it all looks good and fun. And that's the important part. She's having a blast!

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