Saturday, April 22, 2017

Chilly & Windy Game

I won't document every practice or game, but this was her first time wearing her away jersey. So We had to take photos.

This time Ashton was in much better spirits than she was earlier this week for practice. But with the 30 something weather and high winds, I would have understood being grumpy.

If I thought her first game was bad, this one was miserable. I didn't have to worry about mud, but the wind was awful. Everyone was complaining and shivering. Ashton complained the whole time about her hands being cold. I should have brought her gloves!

During the game she fell and someone stepped on her had. She cried for a bit but dusted herself off and continued to play the game. She was fine. No bruising, just hurt initially.

I think the weather should cooperate (other than rain) here on out and it should be milder. It better be! I really wanted to just watch from the car. During the halftime? break we ran and warmed up in the car together and then ran back out. Crazy!!

Later that night Ashton wore her "sleeping" mask again and loved how it kept messing her hair up. My silly girl!

Just glad she's getting more use out of her old Halloween mask.

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