Saturday, April 8, 2017

4 Year Gotcha Day Anniversary

This year was a unique Gotcha Day anniversary. Usually we wear what we did the day we met, do a photo shoot then go out to the Children Museum and other fun things and end with a dinner. I was planning on the same sort of thing, and felt more strongly to make it very memorable, as come future Ashton is in school and not pre-school So we can't just take the day off and celebrate it. This year though it fell on a Saturday, and that made things tough.

Well, first we found out that the church Easter hunt was on our day. No biggie, We won't go to the museum as early and we'll see if we can still fit in the zoo.

Then we found out she had a soccer game as well. There went the zoo. Maybe we could do the photo shoot after dinner? But hopefully we can fit everything else in, but the morning was shot!

So we woke up early and Ashton was grinning ear to ear. She put on her daddy's baseball cap and parading around.

We quickly ate celebratory donuts and I got Ashton into her home game soccer uniform.

Her shirt went past her knees, luckily I could tuck it in fine and you could still see her number 7. However, her knee socks were more like thigh highs! They went all the way up. But they were the perfect necessity as it was only 30 something degrees out.

We headed off to the game and Ashton's Godparents met us there. It was muddy and cold!

Ashton loved playing. She might not really know how to get in there, but she wasn't afraid to and loved running about.

Her team lost, pretty much by a landslide. But she had lots of fun. She would wave to us every now and then, which was so adorable.

We couldn't finish the game as we were encroaching on her Easter egg hunt. So we left early and headed over to the church. There was no time to change her into a dress. So muddy soccer uniform was it.

Ashton decided to untuck her shirt so it looked like she was wearing a dress.

The hunt lasted about under a minute. The kids just swarmed and cleared the fields. But Ashton was on cloud nine. She loves eggs and Easter the most. So this was super exciting though brief.

We then headed home for a bath! Boy, did she need it. And for the first time I was able to wash her hair since her E.R. incident. I wasn't allowed to get that area wet for several days! I was so glad I could wash her hair today!

I then got her in her celebratory outfit. She had Pua-centric theme going on from Moana.

We went to pick up her ice cream cake and we dropped it off at the restaurant. We then stopped by a soccer store to pick up normal sized soccer socks as we passed it on our way.

Finally we headed downtown to the Children's Museum.

First stop the carousel.

We then made a little stop in China. Ashton had fun learning to write numbers in Chinese characters.

Then we headed to the Circus exhibit. Ashton had a lot of fun there. She jumped out a a cannon. She tried the unicycle.

She tried out the ring for a bit.

Ashton really liked the "surf board".

However, the big excitement was the virtual reality tight rope walking. It was a long line. Some kids "fell". Most kids stared at their feet as they walked across. My kid was the only one I noticed that looked up. I think it was because the VR headset was heavy. But I'm not positive. Regardless, she made it without "falling". So it was a win!

We then checked out the dinosaurs and the Terra Cotta warriors.

It was a busy time. But then we had to head home take the dogs out then head out to dinner. Most of the family was there and we ate and talked. Ashton was bored a bit as her cousin wasn't there to play with. But she still enjoyed herself. Especially the ice cream cake!

It was a good time. It was a very busy day. We pretty much crashed when we got home. Very happy we got to celebrate with our girl and make it a special day. We didn't get to do all we wanted to or planned, but it was still perfect in it's own way.

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