Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Soccer Blues

Ashton was not having it today. She complained that her stomach hurt and after every exercise or drill, she's plop to the ground as if tired. She barely ran, and walked to the ball.

Don't get me wrong, she did most of everything, just with a slower pace and attitude. May be she really did have an upset tummy or not. But it's funny that it only hurt during practice and not before or after.

Also, anytime she couldn't kick she'd pout and flail her arms for not "winning". I kept pulling her aside and telling her that you can't always win and that's what makes it sweeter and that others need to shine, but she didn't care.

Today was just an off day. She was either upset for not winning. walking with little enthusiasm, on the ground with exhaustion, off to the side with an upset tummy, or coming to me to complain. Not her best day.

But everyone is allowed to have an off day. I just hope it's just random and not that she's lost her enthusiasm for soccer. She seemed excited right before as normal, but then once there, she changed.

Maybe being accidentally hit in the crowd of boys getting the ball set her off. That is when the attitude started. But this is soccer. You're going to get hurt.

We then got to small group for church and she was excited to see Mr. E and play her tablet with him. However, he was sick and didn't show, so she was a bit let down. She ended up snuggled with me on the chair while the group talked.

So I think today was just an off day. She had the blues to speak. But that's okay. Everyone is entitled to a bad day, days, week, whatever. She can have hers as long as she doesn't get mean about it. And she wasn't all that bad, but there was definitely something off during the game. I kept trying to talk her through it during water breaks, but nothing worked.

Tomorrow is another day and I hope one filled with smiles and laughter.
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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Rainy Easter

Ashton was very concerned last night. Every year the Easter Bunny has hidden her eggs outside. This year calls for rain. And She didn't know how he'd come inside. He can't go down the chimney, he's a bunny after all!

We told her we didn't know, but sure he got help from fairies or elves. And we were informed right away that the Easter Bunny didn't have elves, only Santa!

Well, seems that the Bunny did just fine! Ashton was thrilled! She couldn't wait for the egg hunt! But she indulged my photo taking for a short bit.

She was also glad Lent was over so she could eat chocolate! She said she wished she had given up Coke instead. She spent most of the day making up for the lost time she didn't have any chocolate. 

The bunny was very creative, and hid the eggs all over, not just on the ground. They were behind cushions, inside the TV center, on lamps, sitting in the water station on the fridge, just anywhere! When certain eggs were to high she'd point and let her father get them down for her. But she just loved the hunt!

Later that day, after returning from a family lunch at her Aunt's house (I forgot my phone at home), we called her Grammy and Grampy. They had sent her a small box of Easter surprises. One was a bunch of white plastic eggs she could color with markers. She colored right away.

Ashton was excited all day. She loved playing with her new bubbles, putting on her first tattoo, eating chocolate, and just playing outside between the misting rain bursts. We ended the night watching 'Rogue One' together. She wasn't upset about the ending as I thought she would be. Didn't really phase her at all. Just lots of questions as usual.

Before bed we put on her tattoo. She picked BB8. She can't wait to show it to all her friends tomorrow during daycare!

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fighting the Dragon

Ashton came to me with her sword, handcuffs, and box lid shield. She was on a mission. She wanted to fight a dragon and put it in jail.

She later added the Easter basket helmet, because we all know that safety is first.

Did she put the dragon in jail. Yes! Kaida (her name means little dragon) ended up in Khaleesi's sleeping crate for a timeout. Ashton guarded her as she was bullying our new pup, Brenley, under the bed and wouldn't let her out. Sigh! Pups are just like kids, I tell you!

Seemed the time out worked, because though Kaida is still growling, she's not chasing her under the bed anymore.

Thanks Ashton for staying on top of it for me! 

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Welcome Little One

Yes, we're THAT crazy family. But we love it! 

We didn't want another dog, and we're looking. Yet, somehow here we are another dog to our pack. Go figure. But no regrets.

Why you may ask? We could rationalize many different ways. Amadeus is older and Kaida needs a buddy to play with and leave grumpy alone. Ashton wants her own dog to bond with and care for. Whatever our reasons, this just seemed right.

Enter our newest family furbaby - Brenley! She's 6 months and already bigger than Amadeus and Kaida. But that's okay.

She is truly the sweetest dog. She is a ragdoll and let's Ashton do anything to her. On the ride home with her, she just stayed in Ashton's lap. She never moved. She was content whomever's lap we moved her too. Ashton can hold her and snuggle and doesn't ask her to get out of her face. Ashton can't hold our other pups, they get scared. But not this pup.

She's very mellow and just loves to give kisses and snuggle. She's amazing! She may be more of a companion for Amadues than Kaida at this point. They snuggle together and Kaida is nothing but jealous.

She's been home only a short amount of time, but it already feels right. She's great. And Ashton is just over the moon. Hopefully, we can teach her to walk and Ashton can actually walk one of our pups. Kiara is too old and stubborn, Kaida and Ami too dainty, and Khaleesi - too big and strong. Brenley is just right.

It's taking some adjustments, but all is working out so far. She's already potty trained, she is eating fine, she is bonded to me and Ashton almost immediately. I couldn't ask for a better transition. We're over the moon about her.

She's a bit shy and needs to learn to warm up around strangers, but that may because she's in a new place. It takes time to feel at home and safe. But she comes wags her tail constantly. Her ears go back when she wags her tail a lot like she's just so happy and wants to cuddle and please you.

With "easy access" we now have to calm Ashton down from picking her up ALL the time. She's totally taking advantage of it. Way too much. We keep telling her to give her space and not to pick her up so much or she may loose the privilege all together and the dog may become smart and wiggle free. But Ashton keeps protesting that she loves her so much and this is her dog and she loves her back. Though that may be, we are still finding that we're constantly reminding her to put the dog down and to get out of her face. But Brenley so far still doesn't seem to mind.

This teddy bear of a pup is just amazing and I can't wait when she feels safe and all is good. She already sleeps on the bed with the other Chis. They tolerate that, but not playing together yet. Hopefully, soon in time. But Amadeus was more resistant to Kaida than he was with Brenley. And Kaida, growls, but I see her wearing down, I think. I just can't wait until they're all friends. Khaleesi adores her and Kiara doesn't care. Same goes for the cats, they aren't too interested and either is Brenley.

And Brenley doesn't bark. She just wags her tail and follows you like a lost puppy. She's so endearing. I can't imagine a better experience so far with a new puppy. Reminds us of Arwen when she first came into our lives. Never barked, whined to sleep on the bed and was amazing, already potty trained, and sweet as honey!

Welcome home Brenley!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

First Outdoor Soccer Practice

I can't decide which of her is cuter between these two pictures. Ashton was thrilled that it was soccer practice day. I thought she would be excited to wear her Pua shirt, but she didn't understand why she wasn't wearing her uniform.

She was thrilled to be on the field. She was throwing the ball repeatedly up in the air before practice. 

They concentrated about wanting the ball, going after the ball, and taking the ball.

Then it was about accuracy and kicking the ball to the goal.

But they did get to play the Shark vs Minnows game again. And on the first run through, Ashton won!

Ashton wasn't used to running laps or doing push ups. But I think this is all good for her. She learning it's not just all play, but it's also about teamwork, practice and trial and error - and exercise. Yet, she's still loving it. She's smiling most of the time out there. And when she comes off the field she talks about the goals she kicked and games she won. She's very enthusiastic. I don't know if she has skill or true passion for the game, but it all looks good and fun. And that's the important part. She's having a blast!

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Going Digital

Ashton has taken to a new medium for her artwork. She can now draw digitally as well. I'm actually very impressed. It's different not having the tip of a pencil or pressure of your brush. And here she drew Supergril, and included fingers and other details. I'm very proud of her vision and accomplishment. This girl has a lot of talent! I can't wait to see it continue on!

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

4 Year Gotcha Day Anniversary

This year was a unique Gotcha Day anniversary. Usually we wear what we did the day we met, do a photo shoot then go out to the Children Museum and other fun things and end with a dinner. I was planning on the same sort of thing, and felt more strongly to make it very memorable, as come future Ashton is in school and not pre-school So we can't just take the day off and celebrate it. This year though it fell on a Saturday, and that made things tough.

Well, first we found out that the church Easter hunt was on our day. No biggie, We won't go to the museum as early and we'll see if we can still fit in the zoo.

Then we found out she had a soccer game as well. There went the zoo. Maybe we could do the photo shoot after dinner? But hopefully we can fit everything else in, but the morning was shot!

So we woke up early and Ashton was grinning ear to ear. She put on her daddy's baseball cap and parading around.

We quickly ate celebratory donuts and I got Ashton into her home game soccer uniform.

Her shirt went past her knees, luckily I could tuck it in fine and you could still see her number 7. However, her knee socks were more like thigh highs! They went all the way up. But they were the perfect necessity as it was only 30 something degrees out.

We headed off to the game and Ashton's Godparents met us there. It was muddy and cold!

Ashton loved playing. She might not really know how to get in there, but she wasn't afraid to and loved running about.

Her team lost, pretty much by a landslide. But she had lots of fun. She would wave to us every now and then, which was so adorable.

We couldn't finish the game as we were encroaching on her Easter egg hunt. So we left early and headed over to the church. There was no time to change her into a dress. So muddy soccer uniform was it.

Ashton decided to untuck her shirt so it looked like she was wearing a dress.

The hunt lasted about under a minute. The kids just swarmed and cleared the fields. But Ashton was on cloud nine. She loves eggs and Easter the most. So this was super exciting though brief.

We then headed home for a bath! Boy, did she need it. And for the first time I was able to wash her hair since her E.R. incident. I wasn't allowed to get that area wet for several days! I was so glad I could wash her hair today!

I then got her in her celebratory outfit. She had Pua-centric theme going on from Moana.

We went to pick up her ice cream cake and we dropped it off at the restaurant. We then stopped by a soccer store to pick up normal sized soccer socks as we passed it on our way.

Finally we headed downtown to the Children's Museum.

First stop the carousel.

We then made a little stop in China. Ashton had fun learning to write numbers in Chinese characters.

Then we headed to the Circus exhibit. Ashton had a lot of fun there. She jumped out a a cannon. She tried the unicycle.

She tried out the ring for a bit.

Ashton really liked the "surf board".

However, the big excitement was the virtual reality tight rope walking. It was a long line. Some kids "fell". Most kids stared at their feet as they walked across. My kid was the only one I noticed that looked up. I think it was because the VR headset was heavy. But I'm not positive. Regardless, she made it without "falling". So it was a win!

We then checked out the dinosaurs and the Terra Cotta warriors.

It was a busy time. But then we had to head home take the dogs out then head out to dinner. Most of the family was there and we ate and talked. Ashton was bored a bit as her cousin wasn't there to play with. But she still enjoyed herself. Especially the ice cream cake!

It was a good time. It was a very busy day. We pretty much crashed when we got home. Very happy we got to celebrate with our girl and make it a special day. We didn't get to do all we wanted to or planned, but it was still perfect in it's own way.

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