Sunday, March 5, 2017

Umbrella Dance

Indiana went from snow flurries the day before to a warm 66 degrees! It was a beautiful Sunday! So I let Ashton play outside. She was wearing her Cinderella see-through shoes, but the're not fun to play in, so she kicked them off and ran around barefoot. Usually I wouldn't let her but it was such a nice day, and we could! Ashton was riding her trike, bike, scooter, whatever she could. She was just soaking up being outside. Then she brought out her little table umbrella and asked me to open it for her. And then she was just standing there waiting. I asked what she was waiting for. She said for the wind to carry her away. I asked her if she thought she was Mary Poppins. She asked who. I found it strange that she would think she could fly without knowing Mary Poppins, but okay. Whatever.

She was very perplexed and delighted to see that the umbrella would fly off in the wind if let go, but that she didn't go if she held on. 

Eventually, she got bored waiting to fly, so she began to dance with the umbrella and singing.

She then wanted to make a fort and brought out chairs and used the umbrella as a roof. Not bad, but Khaleesi's lead got all tangled in it, and she did it right in front of the front door, so it was hard to maneuver. But we were able to shimmy the fort down the sidewalk path a bit, to more common ground that was out of Khaleesi's way and out of the doorway.

She was outside a good couple of hours. Then it's back to colder weather tomorrow. But today was a great break from the cold.
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