Saturday, March 18, 2017

Starting the Day Right!

I got Ashton a little surprise, but Friday night was full of other activities, Ashton never got to cutting out her Trip mask and coloring her Popsicle stick. So last night I propped it all up on her desk ready to cut and color and put together. Ashton was thrilled and got straight to it. She needed help cutting around the ears, but other than that she cut him out all on her own. So she got a Butler bulldog St. Patrick's Day mask.

Usually Ashton wants her Eggo waffles which I pop in the toaster or cereal. Today, she wanted animal waffles. That meant getting the box and mixing ingredients. Not my strong points, but as my husband was gone, I thought we could do it together and see if we could be successful.

I cracked the egg in a small bowl and let her pour it in the mixing bowl. I would let her hold the measuring cups and spoons and I would fill the ingredients and then let her pour it in. Then I got the hand mixer and let her mix it all herself. In the end I held it with her to be sure to get out all the lumps. Then she asked to lick the batter. If they didn't turn out well, at least I knew she'd enjoy this. I remembered to spray Pam on the waffle iron, and I tried it out. And we did it! They came out great. Ashton got her sea waffles - a dolphin, crab, and seahorse!

I was pretty proud of us. I'm terrible in the kitchen, and luckily we did this WITHOUT supervision of my husband! Yay! Points for us! And we're not sharing!

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