Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Accessories

So people that know my girl, know that she's no girly-girl. She loves to build with legos, play with cars, dig for worms, the whole bit. But I can still dress her up any way I want, girly as I want (except dress up clothes) and she will wear it no complaints. But today, today was a very different day.

Today Ashton awoke and I told her it was St. Patrick's Day, green day, so I had a green shirt picked out for her. Green is absolutely her favorite color, so I thought she'd be a bit excited about it. 

Um, I totally underestimated her enthusiasm. So she HAD to find green underwear. Found some. Then she HAD to have green socks. Yoda socks available!

Then she turns to me, "I MUST have green accessories!" My girl, asking for accessories? So I got her her green Yoda watch. That wasn't enough. So I got green rubber bands and put them in her hair. Not enough. I dug through and found a Frankenstein ring from her Uncle J. Not enough. She found a snap bracelet and I a jelly bracelet in green. She wanted to add her BFF necklace that was greenish.

Finally, she felt secure in her green-dom! She's never worn so much girly stuff EVER! And she wanted to wear it all to daycare. I told her over and over not to break or loose any of it.

Of course she had to take a photo of her and beloved Pinky! I asked her if she wanted me to dye him green, and she laughed, "No! Of course not!" Whew!

Then Ashton wasn't okay again. Her nails weren't green! She had green polish!  Then she begged me to paint her nails green! We didn't have time for it, but my girl wanted to be girly. I made time. So I painted her nails green! She was so happy!

Her day was set and she wanted it girly. I obliged. Maybe she was spoiled, but I couldn't resist when she wanted to go full out girl! Luckily she didn't loose any of the accessories at all from daycare. She took good care of them. Though all her nail polish was pretty much worn or chipped off! But hey, she was my green Goddess today!

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