Saturday, March 11, 2017

Snip Snip

So Ashton has been begging for a hair cut the last several weeks. I thought her long hair looked nice, but Ashton is tired of the tangles. We don't want her cutting her own hair - ha! So I took her to get it cut. Ashton told her the length she wanted and sat very still. She sat better for her than she does for me just cutting her bangs.

She got several inches cut off and seemed very pleased with it. And now its all shaped up nicely. Ashton was very proud of herself.

So here she is, new haircut, via her choosing. Long enough to still do things with, but shorted for brushing and staying out of her way.

What's funny is her Daddy barely noticed. He did notice, but he couldn't remember how long it was and how much came off. Typical guy!
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