Monday, March 20, 2017

Pinky Mayham

So Ashton has a close circle of beloved stuffed animals.

Pinky: the rabbit lovie we sent to her SWI in China.

Pau: Her large pig, from "Moana".

Tauntaun: the Tauntaun from "Empire Strikes Back".

Butterfly: the bat from Mackinac Island

Fegan: her first fox, her favorite animal and first toy love

Usually she can only have Jacques in the car. He is always in the car and is the travel toy. That way no toy gets left behind. And I'm not worrying about who came who left, what's what. He rarely gets out of the car too. I've heard the horror stories.

But lately Ashton has been so crazy about Pinky, I've let her take her everywhere. It's almost an obsession lately.

So yesterday we went to the soccer store, and no Pinky wasn't allowed. She buckled her in with Jacques. All was good.

We then headed to the park to play a bit of soccer. Break the cleats, shin guards, and ball in.

I was on my way home, when Ashton reminded me of a couple of items I needed to pick up at the grocery store. So we headed to the one by our house.

Ashton got one of those mini carts that she could push, just big enough to hold what we were getting and leave. I remember seeing she brought Pinky in tow. And I was not happy about that, because there was no basket in this cart, so we kept moving him around the items in the cart. And when we'd stop while I checked the shelves, Ashton would throw him up in the air and try to catch him. Typically, he landed on the dirty floor. I told her to stop or I'd take him away. I didn't want him to get ruined or have to wash him again, the more washings, the less fluffy he'll be.

Well, we checked out and got everything and went home. I made sure to grab the soccer stuff and half the groceries, and Ashton got the rest. All good.

Right before bed Ashton asked where Pinky was. Probably in the couch cushions - nope. In her playroom -nope. Hiding under her bed covers - nope. She needed to get to bed, so we told her that Pinky would turn up and she'd probably have her when she woke up.

Perhaps Kaida took her and ran off with her and she's in an odd place. We looked around a bit, and didn't see her. Must be in her room. Not worth waking Ashton up. We'll get her tomorrow.

Ashton was more in a panic the next morning when we didn't find her in her room like we thought. We checked back out to the car. We checked under the couches, in laundry, anywhere we could think of. Nowhere.

I then tried to trace back where we saw Pinky last. Last I remember was her flying through the air at the grocery store. I had no time to call the store, I had to leave for work and take Ashton to daycare. Ashton was miserable.

She begged me to pick her up early so we could search for Pinky. She was on a mission! I dropped her off and headed to my car. The phone rang. It was my husband. Pinky was found! She was left in the small cart that Ashton pushed back with the other carts while I checked out at the grocery store. They were holding her at the help desk for her. And man, was she busy! She helped stock the shelves! I'm surprised she didn't make it over to the carrots!

My husband picked Pinky up and she was propped up on the dog gate when we got home.

Ashton was so excited! She promised not to take her in the car again, except for vacations. I wonder how long it'll be until she asks for her on the next short trip.

Pinky is safe and sound. And Jacques is now back to full time work as car buddy.

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