Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Little Gryphon!

So for weeks I've been searching for camps for Ashton this summer. Either they're filled up, too far away, or they start at Kindergarten children or 6 years old. Just she of where Ashton is. I checked art camps, Lego camps, soccer camps, volleyball camps, gymnastics camps - nada.

Then picking up Ashton from theater building, I went a different way and saw a huge sign promoting soccer in our area for 4-10 year olds. I was so excited, 4 year olds, Ashton is 5. So we're good. I took a picture of the sign so I would't forget the information and when we got home I looked it up. First thing I noticed was registration was over tomorrow. So if I wanted to sign her up, I had to decide today.

I sat with Ashton and asked if she wanted to play soccer. That this wasn't a week long soccer camp, but 2 months of practice and actual games. She was stoked about the idea.

I also learned that she'd be a Gryphon. And that they just started this program last year. The fee was reasonable enough. But I had tons of questions. So I called one of the coaches, that told me to call this other coach, who's voice mail didn't work so I emailed, and the forwarded my email to another coach. So as of now still awaiting answers, but I was afraid of not getting her in on time. So I took a leap of faith and enrolled. She'll get a uniform, but cleats, shin guards, and getting a practice ball was on us.

So today, that's what we did. We went to a soccer store and bought her Diadoras (my husband wouldn't accept anything less) cleats. They only came in pink in her size. Big disappointment, but she was okay that they weren't green. And as the uniforms are red, not having her be a Christmas tree was fine with me. Ashton was just glad they were "fast" shoes. She picked out her shin guards. There were pink, yellow, fire, flowers, and she wanted the racing ones - again made her fast. Then it was time to pick a ball. We have several bigger soccer balls at home, but we needed a smaller one for her. So I thought she'd get the green one, but she wanted the gold one, because it looked like a trophy! She wants to win! So I said fine. She was so excited. She begged me to stop by a park so she could try it all out. We did!

I don't know much about soccer like her father, but I knew she had to kick with the inside of her foot rather than her toes. So I told her and she was very over dramatic about how that was hard and would "fall" over. It was cute, but she'll get it.

Ashton is very excited and tells anyone she can that she's a Gryphon like Harry Potter. Not quite, but sure, why not?

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