Saturday, March 4, 2017

Kindergarten Round-Up

Ashton was very excited today as she had Kindergarten Round-Up. I don't think she was excited about registering for Kindergarten, but she was excited about a school bus ride.

So we get to the school about 5 minutes early and the doors are locked. After going up and down in the cold door to door, one is open and there is a line. We came prepared. Birth certificate, electric bill, mortgage bill, immunizations, ID. They check our folder and then nod us into the next room.

There in the room is several computer stations. We now get to type in all this information into the computer. It asks doctor's address, dentist name and address. Thank goodness for a smart phone, else I'd be screwed!

It was all basic information, but still going through it all was a bit nerve racking as I felt rushed so other parents could log-in. However, I met another parent who was enrolling their eldest into Kindergarten, the same Early Learning Center (ELC) as my daughter. We joked about while filling out our forms. We tried to introduce our kids but mine wanted to play ball around and run, and her son was being shy.

Then I had the school double check all the information. They went through it all and seemed satisfied. 

Then I had to find someone to figure out how to enroll my daughter into before and after care. That was more computer forms to fill out. And pretty much the same information I had just entered.

I swear it took over an hour to do all this.

Then we got to go on a bus ride to have Ashton check out what her Kindergarten would be like. I had Ashton pick a seat. She choose the very front seat! She was thrilled. But she didn't like the window so high. She had to sit on her knees to be able to get her eyes to peak over the bottom.

Tauntaun took the trip with us and wanted to watch out the window too, obviously!

As we pulled up, the bus driver gave us a school bus cutout toy and stickers. Ashton was excited about the bus cutout, but we told her we wouldn't assemble it until we got home.

We entered the ELC, and there to great us was the principal. She said, "I was expecting you!" They handed her a book and told her to take a tour.

So we went in to one of the classrooms. Ashton, was sad that they didn't have their computers on. She wanted to see what they'd do on the computers. But she toured about, without much interest. But she loved the indoor play area. She rode a scooter, crawled through tunnels, and played basketball.

We then headed to the arts and crafts section of the ELC. Ashton found paper and crayons and began drawing immediately. She wanted to draw the school for the principal! Talk about brown nosing early! She must have spent 30 minutes on her drawing telling me these are the trees, and this is the school and this was the art room, and these were clouds. She was very excited to share it with her new principal. I'm sure she made an impression.

We took the school bus back to our car and headed home. We immediately assembled her school bus. She loved it. She pushed it all about and wanted to take Pinky to school on her toy bus.

I think the round-up helped Ashton visualize what's coming up for her in August. That's 5 short months away, but for her an eternity. But I think she's ready!

Unfortunately, she won't take the bus to school. We live close enough, we'll drop her off. But at least she got to ride one, twice!

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