Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Graduated to Violin #3

Typically on Tuesdays my husband takes our Ashton to violin practice. But today he couldn't do it, so he asked me to take Ashton. I see her practice at home time to time. I'm usually a distraction, so I try not to. And I hadn't been to her  violin practice in forever. So it was eye opening to see where she was today versus the last time at practice.

Well, her teacher mentioned that her practices are getting harder because she was to big for her violin. That she needed the next size up. Ashton started with a 1/64 and currently is using a 1/32. The next size is a 1/16. I told her I knew she was close to needing one, but wasn't aware she was ready. I told her we'd get one this weekend. But her teacher told me I could hurry after practice and go directly to the violin shop and exchange sizes. Why not. So I did. Ashton was thrilled.

We got there and changed up. We bought the last violin and trading up was free. Yay! Gotta love that. We took off her good job stickers off her old blue violin case that was square and she could wear like a backpack. We then put them on her new case. I don't know if they'll hold, but they have a fighting chance. This case actually looks like a violin case. It's black, no backpack, just one handle. It's also so much bigger!

I made sure to text a photo of Ashton holding her new sized violin!

Here are pictures of her back with her 1/64, which I plan to shadow box one day, and her 1/32. I'm going to have to take pics of her 1/64 next to her 1/16. 

She might not like performing in front of a crowd, but she does love to play. She's really working on her finger-work on the neck, learning to lift and hold down the strings while she moves her bow. Before she just played and didn't do any finger work on the neck, now she is practicing lifting and dropping her "candy cane" fingers properly while staying in position. It's a lot of being still for my rambunctious child. But she has a passion for music. Can't wait to see her progress on her new, bigger violin!

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