Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Full of Promise

I'm so glad it's March. It means that Spring is around the corner! Yay!!

Also, today is a new day. No more sling, no more pain. I'm back to my old self. I still have a few days of steroids to take but my arm is all healed up. I can go back to working out and staying on course. 

Last night we had terrible high winds and storms. So I let Ashton sleep in our bed. So she got a really good night's rest and was all cute and sweet in the morning.

Now as a standard rule, unless on a long trip, only Jacques is allowed in the car. In fact, he stays in the car. He's her traveling buddy. I rarely let her bring other toys. Just makes it easier to keep track.

Well today, she begged for Tauntaun and Pinky to join. And as she was firing on all cylinders this morning and not dilly-dallying per usual, I said sure. She was over the moon.

So we get in the car and I take her to daycare. Once I pull up, she gets out of her car seat and lines up all her toys. She then says, "Gotta buckle you in safe and sound!" I about melted. She buckled them in and then left her travel daisy to keep them warm and tucked in. Crazy girl!

I pick her up as we have to eat and then head to church for Ash Wednesday. Well, she shows me her work for the day. And I've always been so impressed with her writing of her name. She does very well. Now and then the h looks like an n or her s is backwards, but pretty much a great job.

Today her penmanship was outstanding! All on the line and could be read clearly! A+ I was very impressed. 

We ate fast then headed to church. This would be her first Ash Wednesday service. I tried to prepare her for it. I really simplified best I could. I told her it'd be 40 days until Easter and that we'd get a cross of ashes on our forehead to remind us of our promise of what we'd give up. She decided all on her own that she'd give up chocolate. We all talked around the dinner table talking about what we would give up for Lent. Ashton was very excited to contribute.

Then she asked a lot of questions about the ashes. I told her it was like from the fireplace. It was just dirt. She kept opening her eyes wide and reiterating what she was processing. She kept asking if it'd hurt. We said no. She digs all the time in the dirt to get worms, no difference.

We get to church as she joins the kids in "school" to play during the service. Then it's time for the ashes, so I get Ashton. She is very nervous. She goes back and forth to my arms and my husband's arms while we progress in line.

Every now and then I hear her let out a squeak. She's getting very scared. We kept whispering her reassurances and she wants Daddy and I to go first.

We get ours done and ask her if she's ready. She shakes her head no. And we go back to our seats. We tell Ashton it's okay and that it's okay to be scared. But that it's all safe. She's even to afraid to touch the ashes on our own foreheads.

We leave for home and we tell her just because she didn't get ashes on her head doesn't mean she can break her promise. She still is giving up chocolate for Lent. She said she knew and was okay about that.

My hubby washed his face. I kept mine on so Ashton could see it was harmless. Finally, she came up to me, curious to touch. I told her she could use my ashes and make a cross on her forehead. She put her little finger on my forehead and stroked down. She looked at her finger then put a line down her forehead. I encouraged her to finish the cross. She used her finger again on my forehead and then finished her cross. I told her how proud I was of her.

I took a picture to show her how proud I was. You can barely see her cross, but it is there. I love her leap of faith today and hope of promise. Easter is Ashton's favorite holiday and I'm hoping today helped make it more special.

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