Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dental Checkup

Ashton had a dental appointment today. I was nervous, during her last appointment she had 2 broken teeth and a cavity. So she had to get them fixed. With that as the last time she was at the dentist, I was curious how she was feeling to go this time. And I was worried about if she'd have more teeth problems.

I've been a Drill Sargent on her teeth since then, being doubly sure we brush well, use mouthwash, and floss all the time!

What's funny is the technician cleaning her teeth wasn't happy that my girl takes gummy vitamins daily. Yes, I know gummies are bad, but for goodness sake, they're vitamins. And she takes them. But when I told them she takes them with breakfast and then brushes her teeth after, they relaxed a little.

I swear between doctor visits and dentist visits, you can't please them. You're never doing enough for your health.

Guess what? Clean bill of healthy teeth! There are still "areas" they're watching, but they said that last time. So I was happy to be in and out.

Funny thing was it was a beautiful day going in, on the way out it was hailing and crazy weather. But we got home safely. I was just so proud that we are keeping her teeth in check!

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