Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dental Checkup

Ashton had a dental appointment today. I was nervous, during her last appointment she had 2 broken teeth and a cavity. So she had to get them fixed. With that as the last time she was at the dentist, I was curious how she was feeling to go this time. And I was worried about if she'd have more teeth problems.

I've been a Drill Sargent on her teeth since then, being doubly sure we brush well, use mouthwash, and floss all the time!

What's funny is the technician cleaning her teeth wasn't happy that my girl takes gummy vitamins daily. Yes, I know gummies are bad, but for goodness sake, they're vitamins. And she takes them. But when I told them she takes them with breakfast and then brushes her teeth after, they relaxed a little.

I swear between doctor visits and dentist visits, you can't please them. You're never doing enough for your health.

Guess what? Clean bill of healthy teeth! There are still "areas" they're watching, but they said that last time. So I was happy to be in and out.

Funny thing was it was a beautiful day going in, on the way out it was hailing and crazy weather. But we got home safely. I was just so proud that we are keeping her teeth in check!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Cuddle Time

Just a rare moment that Kaida let Ashton snuggle with her. Kaida actually was laying on her while she took in a short nap. And when she awoke, there was only a minute of snuggles before Kaida bounded off. Short, but sweet.
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

In the Dawghouse!

Ashton has been begging off and on to see Butler's campus. And though Butler is out of the NCAA tournament, I'm proud they made it to the Sweet 16. It was a beautiful day! A tease of Spring. And with us all having spring fever, why not? Let's go to Butler!

We walked around the campus, a lot has changed since I graduated. Ashton was fascinated, watching girls play flag football and that they'd play music so loud, outside.

We made our way to the bookstore. Ashton had fun running around finding things that sparked her interest.

But in the end she decided on getting a cup! Then Ashton was insistent on eating on campus. It was so lovely and there was amazing outdoor seating at the Dawghouse. So we decided to try it out. 

Ashton took her time deciding between the chicken fingers and buttered noodles. The noodles won.

The wind picked up, and Ashton got a bit chilled, so she'd run to the open fire pits warm up and come back to finish eating. She just loved the whole idea of it.

After lunch, we went to see what else was going on. And we watched a bit of football. There was a cute doghouse with bulldog that I had Ashton take her picture by.

All in all, it was a fun time. I can't wait to visit when it's warmer. But it was a nice time none the less. Ashton currently has her heart set on Butler, but I try to remind her she has options and she only really knows Butler. But it's very cute for right now.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Pinky Mayham

So Ashton has a close circle of beloved stuffed animals.

Pinky: the rabbit lovie we sent to her SWI in China.

Pau: Her large pig, from "Moana".

Tauntaun: the Tauntaun from "Empire Strikes Back".

Butterfly: the bat from Mackinac Island

Fegan: her first fox, her favorite animal and first toy love

Usually she can only have Jacques in the car. He is always in the car and is the travel toy. That way no toy gets left behind. And I'm not worrying about who came who left, what's what. He rarely gets out of the car too. I've heard the horror stories.

But lately Ashton has been so crazy about Pinky, I've let her take her everywhere. It's almost an obsession lately.

So yesterday we went to the soccer store, and no Pinky wasn't allowed. She buckled her in with Jacques. All was good.

We then headed to the park to play a bit of soccer. Break the cleats, shin guards, and ball in.

I was on my way home, when Ashton reminded me of a couple of items I needed to pick up at the grocery store. So we headed to the one by our house.

Ashton got one of those mini carts that she could push, just big enough to hold what we were getting and leave. I remember seeing she brought Pinky in tow. And I was not happy about that, because there was no basket in this cart, so we kept moving him around the items in the cart. And when we'd stop while I checked the shelves, Ashton would throw him up in the air and try to catch him. Typically, he landed on the dirty floor. I told her to stop or I'd take him away. I didn't want him to get ruined or have to wash him again, the more washings, the less fluffy he'll be.

Well, we checked out and got everything and went home. I made sure to grab the soccer stuff and half the groceries, and Ashton got the rest. All good.

Right before bed Ashton asked where Pinky was. Probably in the couch cushions - nope. In her playroom -nope. Hiding under her bed covers - nope. She needed to get to bed, so we told her that Pinky would turn up and she'd probably have her when she woke up.

Perhaps Kaida took her and ran off with her and she's in an odd place. We looked around a bit, and didn't see her. Must be in her room. Not worth waking Ashton up. We'll get her tomorrow.

Ashton was more in a panic the next morning when we didn't find her in her room like we thought. We checked back out to the car. We checked under the couches, in laundry, anywhere we could think of. Nowhere.

I then tried to trace back where we saw Pinky last. Last I remember was her flying through the air at the grocery store. I had no time to call the store, I had to leave for work and take Ashton to daycare. Ashton was miserable.

She begged me to pick her up early so we could search for Pinky. She was on a mission! I dropped her off and headed to my car. The phone rang. It was my husband. Pinky was found! She was left in the small cart that Ashton pushed back with the other carts while I checked out at the grocery store. They were holding her at the help desk for her. And man, was she busy! She helped stock the shelves! I'm surprised she didn't make it over to the carrots!

My husband picked Pinky up and she was propped up on the dog gate when we got home.

Ashton was so excited! She promised not to take her in the car again, except for vacations. I wonder how long it'll be until she asks for her on the next short trip.

Pinky is safe and sound. And Jacques is now back to full time work as car buddy.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Little Gryphon!

So for weeks I've been searching for camps for Ashton this summer. Either they're filled up, too far away, or they start at Kindergarten children or 6 years old. Just she of where Ashton is. I checked art camps, Lego camps, soccer camps, volleyball camps, gymnastics camps - nada.

Then picking up Ashton from theater building, I went a different way and saw a huge sign promoting soccer in our area for 4-10 year olds. I was so excited, 4 year olds, Ashton is 5. So we're good. I took a picture of the sign so I would't forget the information and when we got home I looked it up. First thing I noticed was registration was over tomorrow. So if I wanted to sign her up, I had to decide today.

I sat with Ashton and asked if she wanted to play soccer. That this wasn't a week long soccer camp, but 2 months of practice and actual games. She was stoked about the idea.

I also learned that she'd be a Gryphon. And that they just started this program last year. The fee was reasonable enough. But I had tons of questions. So I called one of the coaches, that told me to call this other coach, who's voice mail didn't work so I emailed, and the forwarded my email to another coach. So as of now still awaiting answers, but I was afraid of not getting her in on time. So I took a leap of faith and enrolled. She'll get a uniform, but cleats, shin guards, and getting a practice ball was on us.

So today, that's what we did. We went to a soccer store and bought her Diadoras (my husband wouldn't accept anything less) cleats. They only came in pink in her size. Big disappointment, but she was okay that they weren't green. And as the uniforms are red, not having her be a Christmas tree was fine with me. Ashton was just glad they were "fast" shoes. She picked out her shin guards. There were pink, yellow, fire, flowers, and she wanted the racing ones - again made her fast. Then it was time to pick a ball. We have several bigger soccer balls at home, but we needed a smaller one for her. So I thought she'd get the green one, but she wanted the gold one, because it looked like a trophy! She wants to win! So I said fine. She was so excited. She begged me to stop by a park so she could try it all out. We did!

I don't know much about soccer like her father, but I knew she had to kick with the inside of her foot rather than her toes. So I told her and she was very over dramatic about how that was hard and would "fall" over. It was cute, but she'll get it.

Ashton is very excited and tells anyone she can that she's a Gryphon like Harry Potter. Not quite, but sure, why not?

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Starting the Day Right!

I got Ashton a little surprise, but Friday night was full of other activities, Ashton never got to cutting out her Trip mask and coloring her Popsicle stick. So last night I propped it all up on her desk ready to cut and color and put together. Ashton was thrilled and got straight to it. She needed help cutting around the ears, but other than that she cut him out all on her own. So she got a Butler bulldog St. Patrick's Day mask.

Usually Ashton wants her Eggo waffles which I pop in the toaster or cereal. Today, she wanted animal waffles. That meant getting the box and mixing ingredients. Not my strong points, but as my husband was gone, I thought we could do it together and see if we could be successful.

I cracked the egg in a small bowl and let her pour it in the mixing bowl. I would let her hold the measuring cups and spoons and I would fill the ingredients and then let her pour it in. Then I got the hand mixer and let her mix it all herself. In the end I held it with her to be sure to get out all the lumps. Then she asked to lick the batter. If they didn't turn out well, at least I knew she'd enjoy this. I remembered to spray Pam on the waffle iron, and I tried it out. And we did it! They came out great. Ashton got her sea waffles - a dolphin, crab, and seahorse!

I was pretty proud of us. I'm terrible in the kitchen, and luckily we did this WITHOUT supervision of my husband! Yay! Points for us! And we're not sharing!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Accessories

So people that know my girl, know that she's no girly-girl. She loves to build with legos, play with cars, dig for worms, the whole bit. But I can still dress her up any way I want, girly as I want (except dress up clothes) and she will wear it no complaints. But today, today was a very different day.

Today Ashton awoke and I told her it was St. Patrick's Day, green day, so I had a green shirt picked out for her. Green is absolutely her favorite color, so I thought she'd be a bit excited about it. 

Um, I totally underestimated her enthusiasm. So she HAD to find green underwear. Found some. Then she HAD to have green socks. Yoda socks available!

Then she turns to me, "I MUST have green accessories!" My girl, asking for accessories? So I got her her green Yoda watch. That wasn't enough. So I got green rubber bands and put them in her hair. Not enough. I dug through and found a Frankenstein ring from her Uncle J. Not enough. She found a snap bracelet and I a jelly bracelet in green. She wanted to add her BFF necklace that was greenish.

Finally, she felt secure in her green-dom! She's never worn so much girly stuff EVER! And she wanted to wear it all to daycare. I told her over and over not to break or loose any of it.

Of course she had to take a photo of her and beloved Pinky! I asked her if she wanted me to dye him green, and she laughed, "No! Of course not!" Whew!

Then Ashton wasn't okay again. Her nails weren't green! She had green polish!  Then she begged me to paint her nails green! We didn't have time for it, but my girl wanted to be girly. I made time. So I painted her nails green! She was so happy!

Her day was set and she wanted it girly. I obliged. Maybe she was spoiled, but I couldn't resist when she wanted to go full out girl! Luckily she didn't loose any of the accessories at all from daycare. She took good care of them. Though all her nail polish was pretty much worn or chipped off! But hey, she was my green Goddess today!

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Going to Jail

My girl loves Legos. She usually builds something new about every other day. Almost as often as she draws. It's usually rocket ships or cars. But when it's not, it's jailhouses! She loves building jails! My girl wants to be a cop when she grows up, because she wants to put bad guys in jail! So here is one of her first jailhouses she "monitors". 

Unfortunate, somehow she lost her K9 for her K9 unit. Not good. But I'm sure he'll turn up. Maybe on assignment?

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day with Grandma

My Grandma finally returned from her little trip down in Florida. She was gone several months. So we decided to pay her a visit. LauLau was with us. We all had lunch together. If you can believe it Ashton had gravy on her mashed potatoes for the first time. She thought she would hate it, but ended up liking it. Same with lemon cake. After lunch we all played Uno. Ashton had to lay out her cards on the table and we had to coach Grandma through a couple of hands, but it all went very well. It was a good time. Ashton entertained with her usual flair. She even drew Grandma a couple of pictures. It was a nice time, and I'm glad these two got to spend a little more time together and not just during the holidays. Near the end Ashton got sour. I don't know if it was Daylight Saving Time had thrown her off or what, but she started getting cranky. So we decided it was time to head home. I'm hoping we can visit more often (without the attitude). I think it would be good for them both!

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Snip Snip

So Ashton has been begging for a hair cut the last several weeks. I thought her long hair looked nice, but Ashton is tired of the tangles. We don't want her cutting her own hair - ha! So I took her to get it cut. Ashton told her the length she wanted and sat very still. She sat better for her than she does for me just cutting her bangs.

She got several inches cut off and seemed very pleased with it. And now its all shaped up nicely. Ashton was very proud of herself.

So here she is, new haircut, via her choosing. Long enough to still do things with, but shorted for brushing and staying out of her way.

What's funny is her Daddy barely noticed. He did notice, but he couldn't remember how long it was and how much came off. Typical guy!
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