Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day as a Family

Ashton was all red for Valentine's Day. It's funny. This girl is such a tomboy, but lets me dress her up anyway I want to. Maybe she's so not-girly she doesn't care how she looks. I don't know. But I love that I can make her as cute as a button.

After work, we gave Ashton her valentine's gifts. Daddy gave her chocolate and I gave her a reading book. Then we had pizza and cinnamon twists and at Ashton's request we played Mario Kart. It was a lovely Valentine's Day.

As an added bonus my Valentine's Day was pretty awesome. My husband took the day off to clean up the house to surprise me. He dusted, vacuumed, mopped, put away clutter. It was the best gift EVER! Then he also brought me flowers from him and Ashton. (I never get flowers, so this is a big deal. I think Ashton insisted so he got them.)

Ashton picked the orange ones and my hubby picked the purple ones. Don't the look beautiful together? Amadeus didn't really like being placed next to them for a shot, but I tried.

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