Monday, February 27, 2017

The Perfect Place

I don't know how other 5 year old's draw. But I am a proud parent. I think she has a gift. I could be so wrong, but as much as she loves to draw, build, create, my girl has an artistic streak.

I'm so looking into art classes/camp for her this summer (though most start at age 6 and those that take younger are so far all filled up or too far away.)

But look at what she drew. It's the perfect place. It's a house in the mountains with a forest. And she used lots of colors and didn't leave a speck of white paper. It's beautiful! I love her work. It's always so detailed.

I even spoke to her daycare provider today about looking for classes. And she told me the other kids around her just scribble and do their coloring in 10 minutes. Ashton takes her time, goes over the allotted time, usually can't finish, because she concentrates and is trying to use so many colors. I think that's an amazing gift!

I can't wait to see what this little girl can do!

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