Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Big White Van

So I drive a Prius and my husband drives a SUV.

I remember when we bought this SUV. I was so excited. It was 2010. This whole time since I met him he drove this Dodge pick-up truck. And with his job he has to lug tools and stuff around, so there was no room for me so we always rode my car. Finally, a roomy vehicle for us both for vacations.

It had leather two tone seats, heated seats, dual air, a great middle console (I love those huge arm rests). the works! I was stoked!

Nope, I could probably count on one hand how many times I've ridden in it over the last 7 years. It just becamee his work truck. His "tools" just grew and still no room. We never used it for vacations because my Prius got better gas mileage and had less miles than this SUV. Therefore, it became fine for my husband, but meaningless for me.

Well forward 7 years later, this great SUV is now over 300,000 miles and needs repairs all the time. We've replaced about almost everything on it. So it was time for something new.

Now I'm not a van person. To me it's just like a SUV, but less sporty and more soccer Mom. And I don't know, since I don't work at home, and it's not as cool... just not crazy about a van. Don't care if others love them, drive them, I couldn't care less. But it's just not me and I always told my husband no vans.

Well, this was a deal we couldn't pass up. No leather seats. No dual air. No heated seats. No middle counsel/arm rest. :( It's older than the SUV we already have, but just has 100,000 miles on it (less than my Prius) and better gas mileage than the SUV. We have to fix the thermostat on it, but hopefully a minor fix. And the price was right - practically free! Is was his mother's van. And she died in 2013, and his dad was just holding on to it. Finally, he decided he should just get rid of it and gave it to his son.

So we got it. It has sentimental value and practically.

It will replace the SUV. Ashton was excited. The middle door can open automatically. Unfortunately, the rear door does not. But this should be roomier for my husband's work tools and such. He says we'll use it on road trips instead of the Prius, but I'm not holding my breath.

At least my Prius has heated seats, leather, and all that. So if we don't use the van for road trips, it's not a loss like it felt with the SUV.  Maybe I'll learn to like it. Everyone tells me I'll love the van. But for something I'm sure I'll never drive or ride in the the SUV, I doubt it. But it it should help on less repairs and money on gas. That I'm looking forward to.

So as of now, we're not using it until we fix it. We plan on fixing the thermostat next weekend or sometime during the week. Once it's all fixed and ready to drive we'll sell our SUV.

We're calling the big white van Casper. Hopefully, Casper will do us good for the next few years! Maybe it will become our road trip vehicle and I'll enjoy the extra space.

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